Meet Dr. Kelly Rydlund, Ear, Nose & Throat Physician at The Oregon Clinic

I’m Dr. Kelly Rydlund, I’m an Ear, Nose &Throat Physician at The Oregon Clinic – South, located in Oregon City. What attracted me to Ear, Nose and
Throat was the wide variety of patients and cases. We deal with patients all ages from infancy to elderly and we see a wide variety of cases from simple things such as ear tubes to cosmetic procedures to head and neck cancer and reconstruction. When I see patients I try to look at what their goals of treatment are try to develop a plan in conjunction with them. I also try to discuss what is the most cost effective options and other alternatives. Probably the most memorable patient I’ve had was a young child who came to me with sleep problems. He was not doing well in school and was placed in remedial classes. Between treating his sleep apnea and getting him allergy therapy, he had a dramatic improvement and was in advanced classes within a year. My hobbies include cooking music and outdoor activities. I like biking and jiu-jitsu.

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