Meet Dr. Jennifer Kemp, Body Imaging Radiologist, Rose Medical Center

(soft music) – Hi, I’m Dr. Jennifer Kemp. I’m a diagnostic radiologist
here at Rose Medical Center and I’ve been working here since 2004. So a lot of you might not
know what a radiologist is. I am a medical doctor. I had four years of
medical school training, four years of residency and then a one or two-year optional
fellowship after that, which I did a one year
fellowship in body imaging. And sometimes I think the title body imaging is a little bit silly because all radiology and
imaging is of the body but if you hear a body imager that means my specialty is imaging of
the chest, abdomen and pelvis using CAT scan, ultrasound and MRI. The results of your imaging
test are yours, it’s your body. I want you to see the results. I want you to see my report and at the bottom of every report you’ll see that I put
my direct phone number. There’s not a secretary
that answers the phone. It’s directly into
radiologists’ reading room, and my email address. So the patients, you, can contact me if you have questions, if you want to come in
and review your images. I am here for you as
your radiology physician.

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