Meet Dr. Jennifer (Brannon) Reynolds, Audiologist at The Oregon Clinic

My name is Dr. Jennifer Brannon and I
am an audiologist at The Oregon Clinic Westside ENT. I obtained my master’s degree in
audiology back in 1995 at the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign and then just last year I completed my
doctorate degree in audiology through a distance learning program at the University of Florida. That program allowed me
to continue working full time at The Oregon Clinic while completing my degree. I chose to come work at the Oregon clinic mainly
because of my coworkers. When I first met with the
staff and the physicians something just felt right to me. I’ve
been here almost six years now and I can still
say that I feel very lucky to work with such a
great group of people. My guilty pleasure would have to be cuddling up on the couch, watching a good
movie and eating some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
right out of the container. On my bucket list – I have promised
myself that one day I will go visit Ireland. I’ve got just the a smidge of Irish in me.
I love going to Irish pubs and listening to live music, so one
day, I will make it over there and see the real deal. I prefer the coast over the mountains. I
just find it very relaxing to walk along the beach or maybe find some tide pools to explore. One my favorite spots is called Hug Point which is just south of Cannon Beach.

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