Meet Dr. Jeannie Louie, Radiation Oncologist

I’m Jeannie Louie. I’m a Radiation Oncologist at The Oregon Clinic. I think it’s important that patients have a chance to ask questions and that the physicians explain things in a way that the patients can understand. My parents are immigrants, and as young children, my siblings and I served as their interpreters
for their appointments and from that I learned the importance of the physician-patient relationship
and the importance of communication. I most appreciated those physicians who could explain
things in a way that we could understand. So I find that’s important for my patients
as well. I think the most rewarding thing that I do is the ability to combine technology
and three-dimensional anatomy. But the most–the absolute most–rewarding thing of my job are my patients. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, whether its hiking, swimming, canoeing, anything. I was born and raised in Portland, so Portland is my home. I like everything about Portland.

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