Meet Dr. Hong Shen, Gastroenterologist with The Oregon Clinic

My name is Hong Shen, I’m one of the gastroenterologists at The Oregon Clinic GI – East. I attended medical school in Perth,
Western Australia. I completed my residency and fellowship
at Indiana University Medical Center. After I completing my training I stayed
on as faculty at Indiana University Medical Center for five years before I joined The Oregon Clinic. I’m a general gastroenterologist. I see
patients with all different kinds of GI complaints. However, I do have a special interest
in patients with esophageal disorders, specifically patients with
acid reflux disease or motility problems. Patients with
motility problems often have trouble with swallowing. I’m one of the three physicians on the east side who interprets specialized esophageal testing. That’s a good question. GI is a wonderful specialty. It gives me the opportunity to see patients which is a cognitive aspect of medicine
and let me do procedures as well. I love doing
my procedures. I think it really helps me to make a
diagnosis and to institute a treatment plan for my patients. It gives
me a very nice balance. I really can’t imagine doing something
else. Portland’s a great city. We’ve been here for five years now. I love the mountains and the coast and that Portland has many
great restaurants we enjoy. I also love Portland’s neighborhoods. I personally live in the Northeast. I know all my neighbors. It’s great, you really feel like being part of the community.

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