Meet Dr. Frank Lista, Toronto Plastic Surgeon | The Plastic Surgery Clinic

Well my name’s Dr. Frank Lista. I’m a plastic
surgeon practicing here in Mississauga and Toronto. I’ve been a plastic surgeon for about
25 years. I went to the University of Toronto and am now a pretty experienced practicing
plastic surgeon. We established The Plastic Surgery Clinic, which now is Canada’s largest
and busiest plastic surgery clinic so we’re super proud of it. I’m a fellow of both the
American Board of Plastic Surgery and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of
Canada. So there’s not very many plastic surgeons who are certified as specialists in both Canada
and the United States. There are only 2 plastic surgeons from Canada who have ever been named
the Traveling Professor for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and I’m one of
them. I’m qualified as a plastic surgeon in Canada because of my certification with the
Royal College of Physicians of Canada, I’m licensed to practice medicine in the province
of Ontario, I hold a teaching position at the University of Toronto as a lecturer in
the department of surgery, plastic surgery. And so we do a lot of teaching of residents.
And the biggest qualification we have is the number of surgeries we do here. We are the
busiest and the biggest plastic surgery clinic in the country. And people say, “well is that
a good thing?” It’s a great thing because every study shows the more surgery your surgeon
does, the better he is at what he does. And I think when it comes to a lot of the body
surgery we do, nobody’s better than us.

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