Meet Dr. Eric Hansen, Radiation Oncologist

My name is Eric Hansen. I’m a Radiation Oncologist
at The Oregon Clinic. My specialty is Radiation Oncology. I mainly treat patients with cancer, but also patients with certain benign conditions. I treat from head to toe: brain, head and
neck, lung, chest, abdomen, pelvis, arms and legs. We use all the latest technologies here
to treat our patients very precisely and extremely safely. I always treat patients as if they
were part of my own family. I always individualize my treatment recommendations. My goals for
radiotherapy are to aim for cure and to always provide comfort and improve quality of life.
Within The Oregon Clinic, our Radiation Oncology team is truly outstanding. We have ten partners,
all of whom have trained at major cancer centers. We’ve published extensively in the scientific
literature to improve cancer outcomes for our patients. I love spending time with my
wife, my three kids, and my dog. We are very active, we hike around Oregon. The kids are
very active in sports and I love nearly all sports. I’m a Blazers fan and Timbers fan.
I’m also a very big reader. I probably read one to two books a week. I love my field because
it affords me the opportunity to meet patients and their families from all walks of life.
I love taking care of patients and helping them navigate their care. I also love the
science and practice of my field because Radiation Oncology is constantly evolving with new technologies
and new data that help me to improve the care of my patients.

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