Meet Dr. Donald Lum, Gastroenterologist with The Oregon Clinic

My name is Don Lum, I’m with The Oregon Clinic Gastroenterology – East. I did my undergraduate and medical
school at the University of California at Davis from there I did my residency and cheif
residency at Oregon Health and Sciences University, and then back down to California from my
fellowship training in gastroenterology at UC San Francisco. So I’m the clinical director of inflammatroy bowel disease at The Oregon Clinic Gastroenterology – East, so my passion or area of focus is mainly in inflammatory bowel disease which is an autoimmune condition that
affects the GI tract. I find this area of disease very challenging but very rewarding when we
help patients in remission. Outside of the office, if you follow me on the weekend you’ll usually find me busing my kids to track meets, to soccer practice, to soccer matches, but if I’m not doing that you’ll usually find me on my road bike. Cycling is my passion. I love being outdoors. Every year
one of the big events that I participate in with
a couple of my colleagues and friends is the RSVP which is a big bike ride from
Seattle to Vancouver BC. I love cycling and it keeps me young at heart. So one of the unique things about me is that I grew up
on a fruit farm in Northern California I’m just near Napa Valley. I have four brothers and a sister growing up in
as you can imagine we’ve got into our fair share trouble, but being on a fruit farm it really instilled that work ethic that was important to me growing up and it’s followed me in my practice of medicine today. What I love about Portland is the weather…no, really it’s when I was in California and
I was deciding to go into practice, I’m it seemed like a natural fit to come
back up north back to Portland since I did my
residency here. My wife Stephanie grew up in Portland, and we both feel there’s no
better place to raise a family.

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