Meet Dr. David Kawamura, MD, a hand surgeon with The Everett Clinic.

My name’s David Kawamura I’m a physician at The Everett Clinic Hand Center. I got my MD from Washington University in Saint Louis. I stayed on for six years of post-graduate training in surgery and
plastic surgery and then I did a year of hand surgery training at the University
of Washington in Seattle. I think in hand surgery we have the
opportunity to deal with a lot of different types of problems ranging from acute injuries and
infections all the way to arthritic conditions, chronic conditions also nerve problems things like
carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome. So, it’s actually a wide variety
different operations you get to do within hand. Patients that use their hands for a
living often have a lot of different
problems that can arise over time. And so, I think, treating those patients
can be very rewarding. They often are very motivated to get
back to work. So there’s a real opportunity for me to
help them. The surgery takes one to three hours depending on the
complexity of the operation. But after that the patient goes
home and may come back to the office for visits
with me but they also frequently have to have visits with a hand therapist. We have on some excellent
certified hand therapists that help with the rehabilitation. I try to take
time during each visit to see how people are
doing, not just focusing on the hand problem but also
seeing how they’re doing in general. I just try to stress to my
patients and if you ever need me that I’ll definitely make time for you.

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