Meet Dr. David Antezana, Neurosurgeon

My name is David Antezana I am one of the neurosurgeons here at The Oregon Clinic. Originally I became a doctor simply, like many, I enjoy helping people and I enjoyed sciences. But really my best inspiration is my family. My father was a physician and about a third of my extended family actually around the globe are doctors, so it is a little bit of a family business. I’ve always had great examples growing up as to what it means to be a physician. As far as neurosurgery goes, I’ve always loved the brain But I’ll always remember that day in medical school when I got to observe my first brain surgery. And the – I got to see the brain actually pulsating in front of me, and that moment I felt some tingling in my scalp and in my fingers and in my toes and I just said “that’s it!” That’s what I want to do with the rest of my life. I got – I did my college, my undergraduate degree at Catholic University of America. I did my biomedical engineering degree and did some work at the National Institutes of Health while I was there. And I earned my doctor of medicine at the University of Minnesota and worked my way back to Baltimore to Johns Hopkins where I did an internship in general surgery and my neurosurgery residency. And I did a research fellowship in neurovascular and clinical fellowship in orthopedic spine department doing spinal deformity correction. Well, I love the outdoors so I would probably love to be a guide either on the mountains or maybe a park ranger at a national park. Otherwise, I’d really love to be a disc jockey at an all-classical music radio station. Well, my–the thing I enjoy, other than hanging out with my wife and daughter, my favorite thing to do really is to just be in the mountains. I love to hike, I enjoy skiing and climbing and I’ve actually done it on at least three different continents so I love getting out and away from everything, literally. And that’s how I enjoy myself. Well, just about everything. You know, I moved here about 12 years ago and it’s an hour and half to get to the coast, and an hour and a half to the mountains. Go on a great wine tour, you can go see a great game. Pretty much just about everything. Not to mention the restaurants, the foods fantastic.

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