Meet Dr. Daugherty, Part I

(upbeat music) – Hello, I’m Merv Daugherty,
your new superintendent of Chesterfield County Public Schools. It is a pleasure to be part of the system and I am looking forward to
the opportunities we have to see students grow and be better professionals in the future. I started my undergraduate career at Frostburg State College, my master’s degree was
from Salisbury University and my doctorate degree was
from Wilmington University in educational leadership. I have had 16 years in the classroom. I taught American Civics,
World History and U.S. History. I think probably the reason I’m
so passionate about students was my first year of teaching. I was given no training,
walked into a classroom, had a classroom of all boys and had a very unique group of young men who one said he was a witch doctor, one said he like to make coffins, another didn’t speak for the whole year. And I learned very quickly that if you really want to
engage students in learning, you have to really understand
them and get them to know that you care about what
they want to do, who they are and that you really want
them to be successful. And I try to do that every year and give that message every year to everyone in the school system that is doesn’t matter
where they come from, it doesn’t matter the skill set at times, it matters that they know
that you care about them and that you want them to be successful. And I will tell you this that those young men that
I taught that first year were phenomenal adults later in life that I got a chance to know. Well I had an unbelievable
and exciting teaching career. I had a chance to teach and
coach football for 14 years, basketball for 16 years, had a chance to be athletic director,
coach different sports, be involved with kids, the exciting times, the after-school
activities are so important for young men and women. And then one day my superintendent in Queen Anne’s County came to me and I had the opportunity to
be the building administrator of the ninth grade building with about 40, 50 ninth graders. I was there for two years
and got an opportunity from another school district in Maryland to be the principal of a high school. After that five year
period, I was given an offer from the district I’m in now,
Red Clay, to come to Delaware to be a principal of a
middle school in 2005. Then I had the opportunity to come to the district office to come to work with the professional development,
curriculum instruction. And then in 2007 became
assistant superintendent and in 2009 was asked
to be the superintendent for the last 10 years. It was an interesting story
because I was contacted by a friend who said you need
to look at this district. You will love this district. So I said, okay, he was a friend and then I said, I’ll do it and he kept persisting that I do it. Went to websites, started going
through the strategic plan, going through the financial plan, looking at the equity plan,
the table of operations, looking at some of the
board meeting videos, looking at other videos that
they had put on the website and I said, this looks intriguing, I think they have a lot
of things that I do well and I would like to see
what would happen with this. You know, I believe in very
few points of leadership. One is, get to know people. I love Lee Iacocca’s statement, “You win their hearts,
before you win their minds.” And so people have to know that we’re gonna build relationships. The opportunity for me to be visible, to be in schools, to see what’s goin’ on the people get to know who I am. I believe face time is always
important in that issue. The community should expect
several things from me. One, visibility, integrity, I believe that you’re only
as strong as your name and people should be able to
trust you and believe in you. And I want every parent to know that their child is important to me and will be important
to this school district and when we’re right, we’re right and when we’re wrong we will correct it. I am not gonna change who I was here to come to Chesterfield. I come to Chesterfield with the
same philosophy, same ideas. I’m a people person. I want to be around. You’ll see me at football games. You’ll see me at soccer games,
field hockey games, whatever. You need to get out to
see the exciting things that our children do. I love night events. I love to events to see what happens. And before I start I’ll be at events. So I’m looking forward to it. I am so excited to be a part of the Chesterfield County
Public School system. Over the next several months I will be visiting multiple times. I will be in the schools
being with people. My wife and I are excited, we’re gonna be down there November 1st. If you see me, stop me, talk to me. I can’t solve anything ’cause I won’t be official ’til the 1st, but I will listen, you’ll get to know me, I’ll get to know you. But let’s start developing
that relationship that helps our district move forward. I want to thank you for allowing me to be the superintendent
of a great school district.

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