Meet Dr. Daniel Donato, Gynecologic Oncology Surgeon, Rose Medical Center

(peaceful music) – Hi, I’m Dr. Dan Donato. I’m a gynecologic oncologist. I have about 25-years experience in treating patients with
female pelvic cancers. We treat all aspects of
female pelvic malignancies, including cervical, uterine,
ovarian, and vulvar cancer. Our goal is to make sure
that from the first moment that you see us in the office that we try to streamline
all of your care. We’ve done more than
2,000 robotic surgeries for uterine cancer. My training occurred at
the University of Miami, where I spent a good 20
years between medical school, fellowship, and then stayed
on for about five years as an attending in that department. From there, we moved to Virginia, where I spent about eight years, and then we finally moved to Denver just looking for a busier practice. Between myself and my
colleagues, we’ll make sure that whatever problem that you present to us, we’ll make sure that it gets taken care of in an expeditious fashion and that all the needs that you have will be
attended to appropriately and with the utmost in care and concern. (peaceful music)

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