Meet Dr. Dagmar Rehse, MD, a hand surgeon with The Everett Clinic.

I’m Dagmar Rehse. I’m a hand surgeon with The Everett Clinic. I knew pretty early that I wanted to go
into medicine, I took a course in high school that exposed kids to what medicine was about. I thought it was fantastic. I felt from the
beginning that surgery was… it was what I was excited
about. I liked the idea being able to fix
people. There’s all kinds of imaginative ways
to hurt your hands. I may not be able to make them perfect
and sometimes that’s disappointing for me and for my patients when I can’t get them back to 100 percent hand
function, but I feel I can always make them better than when they
walked in. And that’s very satisfying. Quite a few congenital problems that we
see, somebody can walk in with a finger that they can’t get out of their palm
and we can oftentimes with surgery and dedicated hand therapy afterward, we can get them a nicely functional hand. Hand surgery is a lot about the
surgeon, but a lot about the therapy afterward.
We have excellent dedicated therapists that
work work closely with us and
their goals is to also get patients back to a functional hand. Their role is very important. I try to
always think of how I would take take care of somebody I love and use that as a guide to how I treat
patients. I appreciate their dedication to getting
back to using their hands. I would like to appreciate what you’d
like from the visit so it may not be that you want to have surgery. It may be that you
just wanted information. Maybe you want to try every
conservative treatment possible. Maybe that you want to try a Eastern medicine. But it’s nice for me to know what your expectations are so that I can
answer those questions and meet those needs. I like making people better.

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