Meet Dr. Cynthia Su, MD, a hand surgeon with The Everett Clinic.

My name is Cynthia Su. I’m a plastic
surgeon at the Clinic. I also have specialty training in hand
surgery. I’m board-certified in both plastic surgery and hand surgery. I knew I always wanted to do plastic surgery. I had no other interest other than going into plastic surgery when I went into medical school. That was my goal. I felt that it had the most variety. There’s
a lot of aspects of plastic surgery that require creativity and with hand surgery there’s a
lot of reconstruction involved in hand surgery too. So I felt that between those two it fulfilled what I was looking for
in life. We see it all sorts of problems: elective surgery, carpal tunnel, see a lot arthritis, like thumb-based arthritis which
is very common in women, fractures, tendon injuries, nerve injuries.
And then my other part of the practice is my
plastic surgery practice. I do a lot of skin cancer reconstruction
for the face — one my favorite things to do because it involves a lot of thought
process, a lot of imagination to try to create something that’s more normal. Because
everyone’s skin behaves a little differently. So I always find that the most
challenging and the most rewarding. I just like
making people better. Whether it’s making them look as
normal as possible despite a deformity from cancer or something like that, trying to
return hand function. I have two kids. They keep me busy, two
little boys. They’re seven and 10 so they keep me busy. I’m busing them around a bit on the weekends. My husband brought me to The Everett Clinic. We both were in
Chicago and he was looking for residency training and he came to the University of Washington. He matched here and before we picked where we wanted to go he said to me, “What do you think of Seattle?” I thought, “That sounds like a great city.” So we came out here. There’s several hundred physicians that you can call-up at any time and ask them questions about different on health problems that the
patients have. I think everyone is very easy to talk to so I think the physician community is
just wonderful. I’ve been here 12 years. So there’s obviously a reason why I stayed that long.

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