Meet Dr. Cliff Canepa, Plastic Surgeon

My name is Cliff Canepa and I’m a Plastic Surgeon at The Oregon Clinic. I’m board certified in plastic surgery and
also have a certificate of added qualifications in hand surgery. Much of my practice is reconstruction, both of the hand and also breast reconstruction. My goal when I meet patients is always to try to understand what they need, make an accurate diagnosis, and then treat it with the simplest possible approach; sometimes non-surgically. Plastic surgery was very appealing to me when I
was in training because we tend to be the good news guys. Most of the problems
we’re presented with are fixable, whereas in general surgery and some of the other
specialties sometimes they’re not. Usually in a bad situation–say, the new diagnosis of breast cancer, patients are dealing with
that difficult situation, but we can say “Well, we can make it better,”
and that’s always been appealing to me.

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