Meet Dr. Charles Strom | Tufts Medical Center

I’ve wanted to be a doctor for most of my life. My dad was a kidney doctor when I was growing up. He was a nephrologist, not a surgeon, so I grew up rounding with him on the weekends at his hospital and I got to know the patients really well and I got to learn about dialysis and Transplant and as I progressed farther, through my education, I decided that I wanted to be involved in those patients as well. What I would want patients to know about Tufts is that above any other place, I’ve ever worked we put our patients first, focus on their well-being and their happiness and making their care our absolute top priority. So, my spare time is focused mostly on my kids, my son is a star soccer player and my daughter is a dancer and a softball player and a basketball player and a soccer player so most of my weekends and evenings are spent either driving them to games or practices. Seeing someone come in sick and leave healthy is one of the most rewarding things about my job, taking potentially life-threatening conditions, turning people around, and making them healthy and happy it is incredibly rewarding, and so that’s why I do it every day.

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