Meet Dr. Charles Caldwell — Family Medicine Physician at St. Elizabeth

Hi, I’m Dr. Charles Caldwell. I’m a Family Medicine Physician at St. Elizabeth. My wife and I have four daughters. The two older ones are in professional areas
and the two younger ones … one is a nurse practitioner who works in the Northern Kentucky
area. The other one is a physician assistant and
works in Louisville. In high school, I had a lot of interest to
become a physician. Really all the way through school. I had wanted to do pediatrics when I started
medical school because I really liked taking care of children and things of that sort. Liked the rotations I took in medical school
at the Louisville Children’s Hospital. As I got to other rotations in medical school,
I also liked adult medicine as well, and I thought I could do pediatrics as much as I
wanted to do in family medicine. I decided I wanted to do that, which would
be the best of both worlds. I could still do adult medicine as well as
still do a lot of pediatrics as well.

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