Meet Dr. Catherine Ellison, Neurologist

My name is Dr. Catherine Ellison and I am
one of the neurologists here at The Oregon Clinic. Medicine just held a big attraction. I don’t come
up from a family of any physicians at all in the past. It just grew on me over
time and made a lot of sense. I guess the overall philosophy would be to not harm
the patient but also if something is going to benefit them I’m gonna probably
try to put the screws to the person and get them to cooperate with really what’s
accepted to be the best treatment for that problem. I would have to say that
working with patients is the most rewarding and trying to arrive at a
place where we have a diagnosis and a treatment that’s helping and you know
really the the personal aspect of it is very important to me so I don’t want
to see a patient as an organism or as somebody you do experiments on, but rather
someone who is a whole being: the neurologic problems as well as how that person owns
that problems and how they deal with that problem. I’d love to try my hand at being an artist.
I figure when I retire I’ll have some time for that.

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