Meet Dr. Bruce Webber, Plastic Surgeon

Hi I’m Dr. Bruce Webber. I am a plastic and
reconstructive surgeon working in Portland, Oregon for The Oregon Clinic at St. Vincent
Hospital. My specialty is plastic and reconstructive surgeons. We give general reconstruction,
cosmetic services, a lot of body contouring, but the majority of my practice is in reconstruction
for malignancies. Well, our philosophy is to try to help people through these times
that are relatively hard if they have a malignancy and try to get them through with the least
amount of pain, time, complications, and have them come out the other end as well as they
can and as quickly as they can. Well I really like my specialty. I’ve always liked any surgical
sub-specialty that I’ve done. But plastic and reconstruction gave me a lot of varied
experiences. It also gave me a good exposure to cancer patients with malignancies that
I can help. My family is comprised of my wife and I and five children between us, so we
spend a lot of time with them. The youngest boy is in a lot of sports, we have two boys
in college, we have two older girls. We also spend a lot of time with friends, do some

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