Meet Dr. Brittany Sullivan — Primary Care Physician at St. Elizabeth

Hi, I’m Dr. Brittany Sullivan, and I’m
a Primary Care Physician at St. Elizabeth. Grew up here in Northern Kentucky, it was
in Hebron, and I have my mom, my dad and an older brother. I pretty much always thought I was going to
go into healthcare. I thought being a doctor would be a great
way to help people. I went to undergrad at UK, really loved Lexington,
loved the school. Going to undergrad there, did their pre-med
program. So, got involved with some of their people
through the medical admissions. And when I interviewed there, just really
felt at home still and thought it’d be a great place to do my training. And then when I interviewed at the St. Elizabeth
residency program, I just really loved all the attendings that we met there, all the
other residents. I felt like it was a very good program and
I was gonna learn a lot, so that brought me here to St. Elizabeth. Working with St. Elizabeth, I knew I definitely
wanted to stay here after my experience through residency, and I wanted to be back close to
home and be able to serve, you know, the Northern Kentucky community again. So, my specialty is family medicine. Family medicine is a kind of comprehensive
field where we take care of, you know, brand-new newborns all the way up to, you know, elderly
patients. Kind of take care of pretty much everything,
you know, we are kind of their team leader, you know, they have a lot of other specialists
on board, but so, you know, we are kind of responsible for making sure that everything
goes together. Really try to do as much as we can for our

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