Meet Dr. Ann-Marie Yost, Neurosurgeon

Hi, I’m Ann-Marie Yost and I’m a neurosurgeon with The Oregon Clinic. I trained at George Washington University in Washington D.C. and while I was there in medical school there was a very good neurosurgeon and I started working with him in medical school and then went on to residency training there. So I’m a general neurosurgeon. So I work on a little bit of everything. Brain tumors, hydrocephalus. I do the spine from the cervical all the way down to the lumbar. Peripheral nerve, carpal tunnel, ulnar nerve. I just really loved it. I thought it was a really great combination of having to work to figure out where the problem was located in the body and the best way to solve it surgically. I think working with the patient to arrive at a decision then moving forward with the therapy and then seeing them wake up after and having their leg pain be gone or their arm pain be gone or the brain tumor is out and they can move forward with their lives. I really think that surgeons get a really bum rap in the sense that people–a lot of people–perceive that we are just unpleasant. We walk in, we recommend surgery, we do the surgery and then have no contact. And I think especially for a lot of neurosurgery it’s a complicated decision whether to move forward with a spine surgery or a brain surgery and so the opportunity to meet and discuss to establish the patient’s goals what’s going to work well for them what they’re hoping for then do the surgery, see that through and meet with them after and make sure everything continues to progress is really builds an important relationship and that I’m in there from start to finish. I love sea kayaking I’m a martial artist I enjoy reading and camping. It’s great to be in the outdoors here. I love Portland I think it’s got a really great vibe for a medium sized city. You get almost a small-town feel. But there’s also all of the things that you could want to do culturally. I’m a big movie buff, so I love going to the Hollywood Theater and seeing some of their offerings.

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