Meet Dr. Andrew Rose-Innes, Neurologist at The Oregon Clinic

I’m Andrew Rose-Innes. I’m one of the Neurologists
at The Oregon Clinic. My particular focus, although we all see general neurology patients,
is diseases of the peripheral nervous system, the spine, nerves, muscles. I also do Botox
injections for treatment of migraine and movement disorders. My care philosophy is fundamentally
based on evidence-based medicine, but within the context of treating people as whole human
beings rather than collections of symptoms and signs. I think the rewarding part of the
job is dealing with complex diseases of the nervous system, but then also the extraordinary
range of people that I come into contact with as my patients that I would never otherwise
meet in my everyday life. Although it might be difficult to remember at this time of year,
we moved to the Northwest because of the wonderful outdoors and I love to camp and hike and mountain
climb. I also like to read books and ride my bicycle to work, and I try and squeeze
these things into my life as a busy parent of two young boys.

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