Meet Dr. Andrew Pedersen, Ear, Nose & Throat Physician at The Oregon Clinic

My name is the Andrew Pedersen and I am an Ear, Nose and Throat physician with The Oregon Clinic. I like it basically anything within the
ENT field. The things I actually enjoy the most would be anything involving the neck – surgeries
around the neck – thyroid surgery, neck surgery, soft tissue surgery of the neck. I enjoy sinus cases as well. I will do my best to explain the problem to you and once we decide what your
problem is, once you understand what the problem is, then we’ll go through the various treatment
options that you have and we will decide together what is the best option for you. This may sound funny but actually it’s myself.
I ended up having thyroid cancer and it’s something that I treat a lot, I’ve
probably been involved with my partners in probably a thousand more thyroid surgeries and ended up having thyroid cancer myself. From a physician standpoint – I thought I
did a good job before that – but I think afterwards it’s really opened my eyes to
try and be more compassionate physician. I think I can better
understand what people go through in terms of the anxiety, in terms of waiting for
tests and the anxiety of upcoming surgery and how it feels afterwards and those types of things. I like to fish and I fish quite a bit. I enjoy tying flies, so I’ll spend a lot of time tying flies in my free time. My
hobbies and interests outside the office again, I fish quite a bit, I run a lot. One of my favorite things is to run
on the trails around Portland up in the hills and around Washington Park and those areas. Right now, I spend a lot time with my children and my family. My kids are pretty active in sports and
so it’s kinda actually right now I just enjoy helping my kids out and trying to teach
them in their different activities that they
do and try to help them in school and those type of things. I like to bake, I bake a lot of bread made my own sourdough starter and I do that kind of stuff as well.

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