Meet Dr. Alyssa Rutan, OB/GYN

[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Dr. Alyssa Rutan. My specialty is
obstetrics and gynecology, and I am a physician with
Bryan Women’s Care Physicians. I felt like I knew that I
wanted to be a doctor early on. I noticed that I
really loved going to work every day, when
I was on my obstetrics and gynecology rotation. I really enjoyed
working with women and being around women through
various stages of their life. Things that are
specific to my specialty that I really enjoy doing– I really like to
work with patients who have chronic pelvic
pain because there are so many different options to
help them and that’s probably, something that’s
really been impacting their quality of life. And so, any time that
you can take a patient and really improve
their quality of life with what you do every day
is another really gratifying experience. I feel the same way
about people who have menstrual disorders
or bleeding problems, those are things that
I can usually fix. That’s the whole
reason that we all go into medicine
is because we want to take patients
who have a problem and be able to help
them with it and fix it, either through
medicine or surgery. I am a person who likes to be
around other people all day and interact with people
and chat with them and get to know their
life and what’s new and what’s going on with them. And how their families are. I do really, enjoy interacting
with both pediatric patients– kids and adolescents–
and pregnant patients. I have had the unique experience
of being pregnant with twins, and so, I think that
that is something that since I’ve
gone through that, I feel like I enjoy
working with moms who are pregnant with twins. That kind creates a
special relationship when you know what your
patients are going through or you’ve experienced
it yourself. I felt so lucky when I was able
to join this group straight out of residency just
because my partners, I feel like are such a
good group of people. We love coming to
work every day. We like interacting
with each other. We like interacting
with patients. We’re going to treat
you like we would either want ourselves to be
treated or our family members to be treated. And I feel like, I have as
much impact on their life as they have on mine, as well.

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