Meet Dr. Alan Wong, MD, an endocrinologist with The Everett Clinic.

My name is Alan Wong. I am in an
endocrinologist at The Everett Clinic Department of Endocrinology and metabolism. We are specialists in treatments of hormone regulation but in practice
that means we’re diabetes specialists, we’re thyroid specialists, we treat osteoporosis, and complicated cases of high cholesterol. I went to
medical school and Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. I trained for residency in Cleveland, in
internal medicine. I went the fellowship in Portland at OHSU and then after that I came here for my current position. I consider my job
not necessarily to be telling people what they want to hear
but what they sometimes need to hear. I can be very blunt and I think that that gets the message
across effectively. We always can offer the newest
technologies and the newest treatments, but I’m also honest with them in whether or not it’s likely to be helpful
in their case or whether we ought to be focusing on more fundamental treatments, more old-fashioned types of treatments, too. I find that the results are often best when our
patients come to us and they’re already motivated to
treat their disease beforehand. I look at healthcare as a partnership and I’m
there and I’m available as a guide. If you’re
motivated you can do a lot. You can achieve a lot. I’m amazed sometimes how much effort
my patients are willing to put in to treating their disease and their problems and as a result the significant
improvements that we see in our patients’ health. That’s what really is satisfying about my job.

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