Meet Daniel DaJusta, MD: Center for Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstruction

That thankfulness that you get from the
parents it’s invaluable. It’s what keeps you going and it’s what makes this job
so enjoyable. I like to work here at Nationwide Children’s. It’s a fantastic
hospital, a center of excellence for multiple different conditions and
multiple different specialities. I think the collaboration that you can achieve
in a hospital like this you won’t be able to achieve anywhere else. We are one of the few hospitals that are performing complex robotic surgeries. We are able to
perform this operations with much smaller tiny keyhole type incisions. The
blood loss is less and the patients recover faster when it comes to going
back to normal activity. Also, the robots provide us with a 3D view of inside the
patient. So ultimately it’s a win-win for the surgeon and for the patient. Even
though I make a living out of doing surgeries I’m always happy to sometimes
to assure families that they actually don’t need surgery. When I see a patient that is happy that I did something good that makes me happy and that’s enough.

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