Meet Cassidy Long, DO | UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine – Humboldt

I’m Dr. Cassidy Long and I’m a family practice
physician at UnityPoint Clinic in Humboldt. I’m in family practice, which is a pretty
board ranging specialty. It is kind of the touch point for a lot of
patients, when they are first seeking care. I chose family medicine for a couple of reasons. Number one, I really like the variety. Every day is really different. It really keeps things fresh. The biggest thing that drew me to family medicine
was establishing a relationship with patients. The average day for family practice varies
quite a bit. I see everyone from newborns, all the way
up to nursing homes, and everything in between. Anything from physicals, to colds, to shoulder
injuries. Just about anything you could think of. So, the reason why I chose UnityPoint Clinic
in Humboldt. My wife and I are from small towns and when we interviewed we met a lot
of tremendous people. A lot of young couples. It seems like a really tight knit community
and something we wanted to be a part of and we wanted to raise our kids here. So I’ve got four young kids. We are a super busy household. My wife is a saint. She is amazing. We’re very into sports/fitness. There is a new rec center being built in Humboldt
that we are super excited about. Something most people might not know about me, when I was in high school my senior year, my friends and
I made a full length western movie. It is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. We spent our entire summer doing it. It is a terrible movie but we had a lot of
fun doing it. You should come see me if you want a compassionate
and caring physician, who is going to listen, and do everything he can to take care of your
needs and make you feel like he really cares about you.

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