Meet Adrian Davies, FNP with The Oregon Clinic

My name’s Adrian Davies, and I’m a nurse practitioner at The Oregon Clinic. I have always been interested in the human body and how it works, what can go wrong, why it goes wrong, and I think that really drove me to this particular profession. I
really love focusing on disease prevention and working with patients to
educate them management at their chronic diseases or
to gain a better understanding for what their acute illness may be. I love anything outdoors. I love running. I have always been an avid swimmer, whether
it be water skiing or something in the ocean or doing triathlons… and then six
years ago we started a family, so things have changed a little bit from that
respect but I really love seeing my children grow and activities that they
enjoy doing outside and how they’re very similar to what I’ve always enjoyed
doing. Well I’m a seventh generation Oregonian, and I guess from that stand point it just
runs in my veins. I love Portland, what’s not to love about Portland. I love the change
of seasons, I love that you’re an hour and a half from the mountains an hour and a
half of the ocean. There’s so many incredible places to eat and the culture
here’s just got a really electric vibe. Coast! Absolutely the coast. I love the
ocean, I love spending time out there with my family, going hunting for sea shells, I love
running on the beach, playing in the water with my children, building
sandcastles, bonfires, you name it. It just has a lot of really strong memories from my
childhood and whether it’s in the wintertime when it’s stormy, or in the
summertime and hot, it’s just the best place on earth.

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