Meet Abdul Abdulbaki, MD | UnityPoint Clinic® Cardiology – Methodist Plaza

I’m Abdul Abdulbaki I’m a general and an interventional cardiologist at the UnityPoint Clinic-Cardiology. Since I was a little kid I wanted to do medicine because it’s an area that I can make an impact It’s an area that we can help patients tremendously. I graduated from Damascus University School of Medicine that is in Damascus, Syria. After that I came to the U.S. where I did some research at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University. When I finished training I joined my Fellowship program as an attending physician. My practice included, in addition to taking care of patients, Providing education and training for future general cardiologists, as well as interventional cardiologists. Cardiology and interventional cardiology is a field that spans a lot of areas and it can be of tremendous Help. It can get people back to work where they can be productive. It can get them back to their families and being with their loved ones and feel better. And this is why I chose that field. I do our general cardiology Which includes caring for patients with abnormal heart rhythms, patients with coronary artery disease, patients with valvular disorders and Patients with heart failure. In addition to all that, I do interventional cardiology Which includes performing heart cath, coronary angiogram, stints, taking care of patients who had heart attacks. I try to keep my practice as simple as possible. The way that UnityPoint is built and centered about the patient care and it also provides Providers like me with the support they need to provide that service for the patients We are here to help to provide them and their loved ones with the care They want and they need and they deserve. I enjoy walking Whenever I can to wherever I can. Some of the boring things that I do is reading. I try as much as possible to stay up-to-date But really the best part of my day when I’ve done like a good procedure and I made a difference in someone’s life.

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