MedStar NRH: Adding Life to Years®

We’re not just the hospital. We have a very geographically dispersed outpatient network, with more than 50 sites in four states. I came to help build an outpatient rehab network that would be one of the best in the country, and I think we’re doing a great job for the communities that we serve in the greater mid-atlantic region. These communities keep expanding. One of the things that makes MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital so unique is the variability of the services that we have. We treat the entire spectrum of rehabilitation needs. Everything from comprehensive neuro-based services, to sports medicine and everything else in between, and not only is the place that they know it’s going to give them safe and quality care, but it’s going to be that place that puts them first. It’s really important for all of us to understand that we are just a part of that patient’s journey. One of the things that’s very nice being part of MedStar Health is that we have access to any specialty that you could need, so we could take a patient who has cancer, maybe a transplant patient and then has an accident and now has a spinal cord injury or a brain injury, we’re able to deal with both the rehab needs and their complex medical needs as well. It is really an approach that focuses on the whole person and the extended network, because as we all know it takes a village. From the doctors, the nurses, the techs and the therapists to housekeeping and dietary, food and nutrition, administration, they all tie in to form this one big happy team for each of the patients. We have some of the best physicians in the greater mid-atlantic region, and we’re bringing all those healthcare providers together in a team-oriented atmosphere, so that they can create best approaches to care. We are fortunate to have an academic affiliation with Georgetown University, all of our residents are through the Georgetown University residency program. Research has been one of our missions since we were founded and it’s a really critical part of this care environment, we’re able to have our research scientists and our clinicians under one roof, working hard to solve today’s healthcare issues, with tomorrow’s technology and tomorrow’s science. It also allows us to bring things that we’re working on or have recently completed in research to our patients clinically. Part of these stories come from the care and the team approach that we have, but it’s also about people’s willingness and the victory of the human spirit. People can overcome great obstacles with a little bit of help, and it’s a honor to be part of that process with them.

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