MedStar Good Samaritan Opens $17.5 Million Inpatient Rehabilitation Center

– Tomorrow the elevator doors open to a new era of healing at MedStar
Good Samaritan hospital. An entire floor, new technology designed to help rehabilitate patients recovering from strokes and other conditions. Kimberly Eiten has a look inside. – A cross-walk button,
a bright white mailbox. It’s not exactly what you’d expect to find in a hospital. But it is, what’s waiting on floor five of MedStar Good Samaritan. Wednesday, this brand new
inpatient rehabilitation center will open welcoming patients to recover under the expert care of physical therapists and surrounded by so much state of the art technology it’s even hanging from the ceiling. Like this body weight support system to assist with walking. – The new technology, the open floor plan where we can work together
more collaboratively. All of these things I think
will help us work as a team. We also have a number of technological features to
accommodate our increasingly complex patient population so. – Doctor Kritis Dasgupta says the center will see people who’ve had strokes, spinal
cord injuries, amputations and complex cases requiring range of treatments down to helping
patients practice real world scenarios and here’s where
the outside comes in. A simulated market place where patients can
practice everyday skills. Things like picking out
their groceries, taking them to the cashier, even loading them into the trunk of their car. Ultimately designed to move them from these 50 patient rooms back out to their own homes and neighborhoods. – The patients can use the
most advanced technology that we have here especially for patients that are more impaired that are more debilitated
and more dependent. We have a whole room that can make them much more independent. – Kimberly Eiten for WJZ.

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