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Hi guys. I’m Megan O’Neill, the senior beauty editor
at goop. We partnered with MedMen on a curated selection
of products, and I’m going to explore the world of cannabis. Hi. Hey Megan. I’m Allison. First, you’re gonna check in. Hailey’s gonna help you. Ok Here we have the goop wall. One of my personal favorites are the Kush
Queen Bath Bombs. So there’s cannabis inside of here? Yes. CBD is a nonpsychoactive component in cannabis. It won’t give you any kind of psychoactive
high that most people commonly associate with cannabis. But the formulas with THC will definitely
give you a bit of that euphoric high feeling. I thought you had to ingest something to make
you feel high. So your skin is your largest organ in your
body, so you will absorb that THC. Another one of my favorite products are the
Défoncé chocolates. We have them here. I’ll show you where they are in the case so
we can talk about dosing. So here we have all of our edibles displayed. Each of these little triangles have five milligrams
of THC in them. So how do you determine the dose when it comes
to chocolate–your dose? Everyone’s different so our recommendation
is to always start out small. What was your first time taking an edible? The first time that I had an edible I had
five milligrams. That was definitely enough. And then we also display our vaporizing pens
here as well. So here, you’ll see the Beboe pens. They’re
beautiful with nice rose gold. So how do you get the effects of cannabis
into a pen that you smoke? So there are a variety of different extraction
methods. The most common form is a C02 extraction.
It keeps the plant in its most purest form to be able to vape. We call these our bud pods they have little
magnifying glasses in them, so you can really get an up close and personal
view of the cannabis. And I can smell it. Wow! Obviously this is all for human beings but
you have some pet stuff I saw? Yeah let’s go over there and take a look. So the pet products are also blends of CBD
and THC? Yes, they are great for similar ailments that
humans experience. Pets with anxiety or seizures or loss of appetite
or anything like that. You can give THC and CBD to your pets to help
with those things. Talk to your veterinarian as well. Thank you so much. This was amazing. Well, that was cool. Thanks for checking out MedMen with me and
learning about CBD and THC and cannabis. I’ll see you guys later.

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  1. West Hollywood ? How Strange ? I Thought they never liked marijuana, this much. I used to live there . Follow Me Copper Wonders.

  2. Do NOT give your pet thc. That is not ok at all. CBD does wonders for dogs, specially for senior dogs but thc is absolutely NOT ok.

  3. I'm sure it's just as overpriced as the rest of bullshit snake oil products that this shit company sells. I'm sure even the government of Ontario still sells it cheaper, even at their retardedly over inflated prices.

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