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Dear listeners we are Team Black Brains and we are from Russian University, and this is a S.M. Abdullah Mustain this is Niaz Omar Torabe This is a Syeda Labiba Rumi and this is Muntasir Ul Hamid we are working over telemedicine 2.0. And our project name is light Medical Center In Bangladesh 30 percent of the total population lives in the urban areas. They are privileged They are completely privileged and 70 % of the population lives in village their lives in the rural areas and they have completely or partially underprivileged Actually there are too many problem in this sector of Bangladesh the government are allocating only one taka for one people in upazila healthcare complex That means only one cent for one people in a year and the private sector of Country are not interested about those sector and the Communication transportation system the connectivity are not developed it and finally the people are full of areas not content enough knowledge about health care facility About that mr. Bose yes We have a solution and the solution is flight medical center both should Utrecht neighbouring a pharmacy in rural areas and we will provide their Ultrasonic machine tybo district our mission and basic medical equipments and our motto is pay less get more Do you think we are going to provide doctors to area rural areas? No They are not interest at all – poor rural areas actually where accumulative 50 specialized doctors in our central office and Connected to the rural areas by using laptop pastic medical camera and basic medical Equipments with the place of internet now the cushion is how we harness the power chili a doctor considering single chamber In some cases like our country a doctor comes to delay two or three chambers but by the power of harnessing we can provide their services to 300 rural areas where the America sucks is badly needed Now our center to fish will be located at Shabak akka, Bangladesh And we have picked 300 different world areas where the medical service is badly needed We have built a large jerky of mmm Buddhist Lombard for emergency cases This is our central building structure located at our Bhishma Dhaka Bangladesh And this is the structure of building and interior design now let me tell you an incident once I’ve Institutions are born with some of my friends at Shan Calabar garage Which is one of the most remote coastal area in Bangladesh? And suddenly one of my friends Phil see that time there was no medical center at that visiting place So we’ll have to suffer a lot and we have to came back to the city to cure the disease that time I felt that if there was any Medicare system on that visiting place we have not to came back and to the city to cure the disease Imagine us in such kind of situation So the provided equipments, and he will send you And send you a proper prescription for your treatment and finally the Physiotherapist of rural center give you the proper treatment that given by the central doctor and finally you feel happy and okay most interesting tea is dead you have to pay only one dollar for all of those surgeries and we have 312 Center as like this in all over the country So don’t be afraid we have there where no one is there now the question arises what we’re gonna provide we’re gonna provide you with the specialist doctors cell visas pregnancy healthcare and diabetes checkup and most importantly low cost services only one dollar per patient Fast and distress medical service and most importantly we are working to reduce the transportation sufferings and time wasted we have also made our glass dictionary containing all the contact numbers of ambulances by focusing on cost analysis There are some initial cost for our rural centers and they are Establishment Clause laptop basic equipment Medical service camera artisanal gum machine and initial training for the physiotherapist and there are some costs for our central office if you focus on our distribution of total investment our rural center cost will be 0.75 million and our similar cost will be point one nine Million others person will be sixty thousand US dollar and total cost will be 1 million u.s.. Dollar assuming Each day in its center there will be 55 15 people will reserve by paying one dollar and After a month we will provide service Just one lakh thirty-five thousand people and earnings will be per month one lakh twenty five thousand US dollar after calculating our profit and loss account our revenue will be per month 30 thousand US dollar and That’s all By analyzing the data our earnings per year will be three lakh six two thousand US dollar and our Investment of 1 million will be recovered within two point seven years and our ultimate mission is to provide service to 10 million people and we Will reach it within June 2020 for whom eight doctors and pharmacists are interested in our project When the problem is in our country then let’s sort it out That’s all our luck brains tell em it is in 2.0. And the life medical center

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