Mediclinic Windhoek opens IVF clinic

So we found out that I had endometriosis And after that they took it out and they said in about six months you have to get pregnant and we still didn’t get pregnant that’s when we decided to look at the fertility treatment I considered doing the fertility treatment in South Africa But to get leave and accommodation held me back but then a friend told me that they actually have the IVF clinic here in Namibia By establishing our own clinic we can do In vitro fertilisations here We can freeze embryos, we can do frozen embryo transfers After everything we decided we will go for IVF treatment and we decided on the Windhoek IVF facility In vitro fertilisation is where we stimulate the female aspirate the follicles, get the eggs put the prepared semen with the eggs put the prepared semen with the eggs wait for fertilisation And when the embryo reaches a certain stage We put the embryo back in uterine To me the only painful situation was the extraction of the eggs and that was more uncomfortable The implanting wasn’t painful at all We went for our first blood test to find out if were were pregnant 10 days after the treatment and then the second blood test was 14 days afterwards and then they could look at the levels and say yes we are pregnant I think most patients wait too long Our biggest enemy is age As a rule of thumb, if patients try to get pregnant and they not pregnant within six cycles then they definitely need a referral. We won’t necessarily start IVF but at least we can give them a plan It differs, if a patient is 23 then we will take a bit longer and go slower But if she’s already 35 we won’t have a lot of time to play with

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