Mediclinic Milnerton and Groote Schuur Hospital join hands

We’re here at Mediclinic Milnerton and I’m very excited this morning. We’ve got eight patients and we’re running a CSI project in conjunction with Groote Schuur hospital and what we’re doing is
cataract surgery for these eight patients. It’s life-changing surgery
that’s going to make a huge difference in their lives and I’m really excited
that our team, the doctors and the staff that work here have decided to offer up
their time and provide the service to the community. Well it’s a bit blurry and
what have you. You know five years ago I had to get glasses and I’ve
been on the waiting list at Groote Schuur since then to have the cataracts removed. I was so excited when I was told I’m coming here to have them removed. It has been the
last three years that I’ve had the cataracts now. I’ve been struggling with threading and so forth and my embroidery. I love embroidery and it’s also keeping me out of it Basically there are three ways doctor can do the operation. Either general anesthetic, a block where the whole eye is sedated which involves an injection or eye drops. She couldn’t see quite nicely because of her eyes. It’s going to make a very big difference. We’re absolutely moving in the right direction. This is a huge step and it’s a very positive step for healthcare in South
Africa where public facilities can partner with private healthcare and I would put
a challenge to all private facilities to try and assist us in that way. At Mediclinic, we strongly believe that the only way in which we can overcome the challenges faced by the country in terms of medical healthcare is if we
work together. It’s only when we work in partnership with the public sector that
all the problems that the country is facing with respect to the healthcare
sector can be overcome The first thing I’m going to do is go to the mirror and look at myself. The only thing I felt was the needle going in my arm, after that nothing. It was magical. He said I can drive tomorrow so
I’ll be behind the wheel of my car tomorrow. It was a fun day we managed to do eight
patients, help eight people to see better. Everything went smoothly and it was a
privilege for us all to be able to help Mediclinic to help these patients.

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