Medicine for the Greater Good | Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

A program for medical residents at
John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center is bringing the doctor to
the patient, working to bridge the gap between a hospital and
the community.>>And actually, it wasn’t until
I went out into the community, talked to a few
community centers, talked to a few churches. That I’ve recognized this
huge disconnect between what we wanted our patients to know
and what they actually knew.>>It’s called Medicine for
the Greater Good. And it’s recently
caught the attention of Maryland Congressman
Elijah Cummings.>>When I read about this
program, I said, you know what? We need to spread this
all around the world.>>Since adding the required
community service portion for Medicine for the Greater Good
in 2013, 82 residents and students have engaged in nearly
300 projects to benefit city residents.>>The only way to empower them
is not having them come to us. Let’s go to them.>>It’s estimated that
90% of the potential of healthcare improvement
occurs outside of the hospital.>>That outreach has
healthcare professionals and Congressman Cummings
excited about the future.>>I am convinced that all of
our children come to this world bearing precious gifts. The question for adults is,
will we do what we have to do to help them discover
what those gifts are, then help them nurture
those gifts so that they can deliver
those gifts to the world?>>It’s a lofty goal that
impacts the future of healthcare and community health. But one that students and
doctors at Johns Hopkins know can be achieved for the
greater good of all involved. [MUSIC]

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