Medicetics Skin Clinic in London

Medicetics Skin Clinic in Central London Pioneers of baby botox and micro-botox A little bit about us and why we are a little different Meet Founders Dr Vicky Dondos and Dr Geoffrey Mullan Specialising in natural looking treatments – We’re Medicetics. We’re a cosmetic skin clinic. We provide the whole range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. So, everything ranging
from medical facials, up to laser skin
rejuvenation, injectables, and body treatments as well. – [Voiceover] Medicetics
differs from other clinics, in that we’re a doctor-led clinic. All our doctors have the
highest level of training. We have treated over 15,000
patients in our clinic. We specialise in treatments
that are subtle, precise, and avoid that “done look”. We pride ourselves in the
fact that when someone leaves, they know that the result
is going to be long-lasting, and it’s not going to look
as if “they’ve been done”. – [Dr. Dondos] We tried really
hard to keep a boutique feel to the clinic. I really want all of our patients to enjoy the whole experience. From the moment they walk in the door, to feel that they’re in a friendly place, that they’re comfortable to
say what they need to say, that it’s been heard. They leave feeling good. Just a few of the publications we have been featured in…

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