Medicare Plan Finder Pointers: Pharmacy Selection

Hello, here I’m going to show you the
pharmacy selection page in the Medicare Plan Finder. Once you reach this page you
can select up to two pharmacies that you frequently refill your prescriptions at.
It defaults to showing the ten pharmacies closest to the zip code that
you entered in the beginning. As you scroll down, you can pick the pharmacy
that you would like, and when you find it you click on this little box to add it
down here to this blue bar. This blue bar shows the pharmacies that you’ve
currently selected. I can add one more, so I’m going to look through this list and I
don’t see the one I want. There’s a link at the bottom for more pharmacies to
take me to the next ten in my area. And you can select the one that you find and
then it it adds it down here to your blue bar. If I decide I don’t want this
“Ultra Care” pharmacy I can “X” it out and remove it, and then I have an option to
select a different one. If you sometimes refill your prescriptions in a different
zip code, you can also use this link up here to “Change location” and type in a
different zip code. Once you type the zip code in, it pulls the county up right
below it, and you select on a county and then hit “Save”. Now you notice that my
pharmacies have changed to be in the new zip code, and you can pick the one that
you want in that zip code. So now I have three pharmacies down here on my blue
bar. I select “Done” and I’m taken to the plan results page.

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