Medical Waiting Rooms: Comparing The Top 3 TV Services

– [Narrator] As a hospital or medical office, you work hard to bring patients into your locations. Your patients likely end up in front of at least one television while they are there, but what is that television doing for you? It really all comes down to what’s on the TV. Let’s take a look at three choices. Cable TV, with cable TV your patients are exposed to content you cannot control. This often leads to many patients being frustrated or asking to change the channel. On top of that, your patients are able to see messaging from some of your medical competitors, letting them learn about services others offer. But what about you? Medical information TV. With medical info TV, your patients see health-related content that may make them more anxious or uncomfortable as they wait. On top of the negative experience this can create, your patients are bombarded with messaging from big pharmaceutical companies encouraging them to spend money with them, not with you. (uplifting music) It’s Relevant TV. With It’s Relevant TV, your brand and your television come together, entertaining your patients with positive television programs you can control as well as messaging that benefits you. This increases future visits, referrals, and social media followers. (uplifting music) TV is a powerful tool that influences mood and purchasing decisions for all of us. Where do you want your patients focusing their attention and future dollars? The choice is clear, It’s Relevant TV is the answer. Learn more about what your TV can do for you by visiting (uplifting music)

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