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I always felt pain and tiredness and I came over here and they checked me in they found two blood clots in each of my legs I’m great my legs don’t hurt anymore that’s proof of an advanced outpatient procedure that is changing lives for the better for folks dealing with varicose veins and potentially life-threatening blood clots joining me today is dr. John Hogg with medical vein clinic to tell us more about this procedure that is changing those lives thank you thank you it’s good to be here yes patients may be suffering from itching burning pain swelling shaking it’s just heaviness in their legs and a lot of times they think they’re just getting older but there is a procedure to close the bad veins as we call it varicose veins that will help them get their legs back to normal function and also decrease the risk of blood clots people with varicose veins have five times the risk of developing the DVT so a lot of folks of course and may be noticing or dealing with varicose veins but what are some symptoms that they should start to really pay attention to well one thing is just are their legs swelling at the end of the day it’s a gravity problem the blood can’t get back up to the heart their legs swell that’s when they hurt more at the end of the day or they get cramping may get restless leg at night itching Burnie as well as the visual things they see so it tends to be worse in the evenings or at night better in the morning now this procedure of course has basically no downtime right it is amazing you are correct you literally walk in and walk out the procedure itself maybe 10 or 15 minutes or probably here two hours from checking in to walk out and we do require that patients walk after the procedure a total of 10 or 15 minutes every hour so we want to move and we don’t want downtime now this procedure is of course changing the lives for the better for so many everyday people even like hanno star raulito navara who is a medical vein clinic patient listen to his story well in 2008 we suffered accident bus accident had sprained my ankle severely and ever since then you know my circulation my legs were discolored and always fought pain and tiredness and just couldn’t stand for a long time and then I met dr. hall again I came over here and they checked me in they found two blood clots in each of my legs and now I don’t feel as tired anymore and you know I didn’t honestly say I feel like the the circulation is a whole lot better and I can see it too and the color coming back in my legs I recommend to come to the medical vein clinic because they helped me out tremendously and you never know why I had I had them checking me out at another clinic and they missed already and here I guess with the equipment that they have I mean they found they found what was wrong with me and they cured me and that’s just one example of how we’ve helped patients I mean famous patients my family everyone so if you’re having concerns about these please come and see us and we can help you with our advanced equipment and procedures so go ahead and call medical vein clinic get your free screening that’s two one zero six two two eight thousand again that six two to eight thousand or head to medical vein clinic calm

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