Yeah, but I feel like everyone knows about pediatrics, gynecology, obstetricians maybe. Yeah. Instead you keep talking about these obscure specialties that I’ve never heard of. Oh my god, I was talking about like rheumatology and like nephrology, hematology haha. Okay, fair enough. They are a little bit different, but like I promise you there are a bunch of medical specialties you actually know, that you don’t even think about. I don’t know if I know any of them. No no, you will, I promise. Okay seriously, if we went through them you would actually know a whole bunch. Okay, let’s do it. Yeah okay, but inside, cuz I can’t even feel my toes. Hey guys. I’m Siobhan, a first year medical resident and today I’m joined with my cousin Alex. Haha. Are you gonna say hi? Hey there. Haha. And this is my cousin Alex and she’s joining me today. Heyyooo. What do I say? Hi. Hello. Greetings. Hey guys. I’m Siobhan, a first year medical resident and this is my cousin Alex who is joining me today. Hi. Hahaha. Okay, so in terms of these specialties, see how me that you could guess at home or how many you know and let me know in the comments below. Can we start with one that’s easy? Yeah yeah, okay. Ehm… Okay, so what is a cardiologist? Oh that’s easy, cardio has to do with your heart. Heart doctor, absolutely. Neurologist? Oh that has to do with the neurons in your brain. Yeah exactly, so yeah like a lot of brain doctors. They do those like cool EEGs and they stick things on your head and see the brainwaves. Grey’s anatomy. Yes totally. McDreamy. Hahaha. But you know what he is? He’s a neurosurgeon. Same, difference. No okay, they work really closely together, but a neurosurgeon is gonna be someone who goes in and actually operates, but a neurologist is not gonna operate. So that’s kind of the difference, they both work with the brain. So how about cardiac electrophysiology? Okay, cardiac… Something to do with the heart and then electro has to do with electrons, maybe electricity. So something, Electricity pulsing through the heart. That’s like… it’s actually really good. So it’s a specialty that looks at arrhythmias, when your heart is doing like funny rhythms and often times that’s caused by a weird pathway that the electricity in your heart can go and these cardiologists can actually go in and they can go in and burn part of that weird pathway. So they make the pathway go away and then your heart is able to have its normal rhythm. Okay, so nephrology. What about that? Nephron… Nematode, worms in your body. Okay, okay, I see where you’re going there. It’s actually nephrology, it’s from like the little nephrons in your kidneys. Obviously. So it’s actually a kidney doctor. Okay, so how about urology. Your pee? Yeah absolutely. Yeah, it’s like a doctor that deals with the urinary system, so everything really from the kidneys down. I was right. Okay, what about Otolaryngology? Auto… Laryn… Something in your larynx, automatic larynx… Something with your voice? Okay, yeah yeah yeah, that’s like part of it. It’s a stretch. No, it’s good. So another term for this type of doctor is ENT, which is an ear nose throat doctor. Well, if you said ear nose throat doctor, that would be a little easier. But too easy! What about radiation oncologist? A radiation… colon. Radiation on the colon. Okay, they totally would do that sometimes, but do you know what oncology specialty is? No idea. So that actually is the specialty of cancers and dealing with cancers, so these are doctors… I feel like people never know about radiation oncologist and it’s an actually a really cool career I didn’t know about until I got into med school. And they give radiation as a treatment for cancer, but you’re close, cuz if it was colon cancer, you would be radiating the colon. See what I mean. I’m brilliant already. Okay, what about orthopedic surgeon? Orthopedic… Pedes, the feet. Yeah, well… There are bones in the feet and an orthopedic surgeon deals with bones and broken bones. So yeah, more than just the feet though, it’s like all the bones. Yeah. Exactly. Alright, what about interventional cardiology? Well, cardiology has to do with the heart and then intervening before something happens with the heart perhaps. Yeah or after something happens, so like with our papa and how he got that stent in in his heart and it saved his life, right?! Like he’s been alive now ten years after having a heart attack, because an interventional cardiologist got in there and opened up his artery. Yeah I know, I’m so grateful. It’s amazing. Okay, let’s get a little bit harder. What about… what about an endocrinologist? Endocrinologist. It’s like a spelling bee. Hahahaha. Ehm… Something to do with crin, cringy… Dealing with the cringy things at the end of the surgery. Oh, no! But like close try, I like the creativity. An endocrinologist deals with all the hormones in your body. It could be like all sorts of different things, but so much is run by hormones, it’s actually crazy. So what about an anesthesiologist? Oh that’s when they give you anesthetics, it keeps you under in the surgery. Perfect. So what would be a hepatobiliary surgeon? A surgeon for billionaires with liver problems. Okay, yeah so like the bile duct. Biliary, so like liver bile ducts and they like will operate and take out part of the liver. They do the like crazy eight-hour surgeries, ten hours. That’s insane. Yeah. What about emergency doctors? Well in the emergency room, whoever comes in, they take care of that. Yeah exactly, so emergency doctors they’re the first ones that you’re gonna see in the emergency department. So what about a psychiatrist? Someone who gives medications for the brain. It’s a little bit different than a psychologist. Yeah exactly, so someone who’s dealing with mental health conditions. And they can prescribe as opposed to psychologists that don’t prescribe. Wow, I didn’t know there were so many different subspecialties. I know, like I had no idea before med school either. So let us know in the comments below wones you found difficult and which ones you got. And make sure to subscribe to this amazing channel if you haven’t already. Thank you so much, Alex. It’s awesome having you here. So I will be chatting with you guys soon. So bye for now!

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