100 thoughts on “Medical School Students Play Never Have I Ever

  1. She says at the beginning: I got a really bad grade, but I just passed… Every time I get a pass I make a party hahhaahhaha I envy you girl!!

  2. Med student here. I was fascinated the first time I saw a corpse. Gloves on and hand on those intestines, baby! And after that, barbecue! Oh, those were the best pork ribs I’ve EVER eat in my LIFE!

  3. the lady said 64 is a small class, that surprise me. the smallest class I was in the university was 3 people. the biggest one. . . .less than 35 I thought, and for me that was a really big class for me.

  4. My phlebotomy class had 16 people and felt HUGE. My EKG class has 8, and I like it a little better, lol. I cannot fathom a class of 64, but I’m sure medical school is waaaaay different than vocational training.

  5. When she mentioned the half of the head, lord I died…. I had already seen cadavers and worked on them but when we had Neuroanatomy lab (1 semester after Anatomy) and had to see the head, the half that had all the organs inside was fine but when the technician turned it around to the face half…. the eyes where open…. let's just say I screamed horror movie style….

  6. My dad is a doctor, my aunt is a doctor, my older cousin was a medical student, and my sister is currently a medical student. Their common denominator/s are:

    1. It's either we adjust to their schedules in terms of planning fam events or vacation trips, or they just make the sacrifice and wouldn't be able to join because…
    2. They always have textbooks with them, even when they're on vacation. I always teased my older cousin about always having those thicccccccc A$$ medical b000KS, and now my younger sister is going through the exact same thing..odkfodksfkskofokfafkosakodfkaokfoa IM SORRY I WAS AN IDIOT
    3. They. Always. Study.

    I always says this to people , you need to be understanding of someone who works in the medical field because there will be a lot of events wherein they can't be there. You can't always have your way and make them change their sched like hospital duties, residencies, internships…people in this beautiful freakshow will most probably have little to no social life

  7. Fun Fact: You learning about the brain is essentially the brain trying to understand itself.

  8. Med students talk about their life after Highschool -what college they chose and why, what they studied pre-med, the steps you have to go through that sorta things

  9. As a med school student this was very reflective. But most people in my class weren’t squeamish at all. These girls in my class would have candy and snacks right in front of the cadavers while others dissect.

  10. As someone going into the medical school and have worked with great doctors. I’m currently disabled with chronic illness. Most doctors are mediocre afffffff! Like they don’t think. And the fact that they still paying loans at 40! I need a plan B 😂😂😂

  11. Asian (china, Philippines, Palestine, turkey ect) and North african career options:
    1. Doctor
    2. Engineering/architect
    3. Lawyer
    4. Disgrace to the family

  12. One question. Don't med schools require a certain amount of attendance percentage. Or not? Like can I never show up to class and just study from the videos??

  13. I study medicine in Bolivia. I remember the first day of the first semester we had to dissect a corpse and study anatomy from that. The following week we had an exam on the entire cranium (only bones).

  14. Every day i wake up wondering why i’ve chosen dentistry ( cries in the corner while reading a book )
    Ps : 1 more year to go pray for me

  15. I am so scared for the future since I am going into the medical field and idk if i could do it and I barely started college lol.

  16. Medical Students are so Boring. Choose a more exciting career. U only live once. I travel for a living…..I love it! Not to mention my pay surpasses doctors pay.

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