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hello my name is Caleb and I’m I’m David I’m Stephanie and we are medical students and we’re here to answer your questions today are you able to have a social life outside of school honestly you would not survive medical school unless you were able to do that I think there’s there’s plenty of time to have a social life that’s ahead school studying together is one thing but just hanging out and like decompressing together is so important it’s a really good way to avoid burnout and that’s stay sane yeah that’s so fun do you still check web web and MD when you don’t feel well no no no no we are super against Web MD there’s this website called up to date basically like Wikipedia for doctors so now instead of going to WebMD I’m just like up to date and you just start with no like a medical jargon and it gives you a whole thing I will check WebMD and then I’ll compare it and I’ll be like okay do these look consistent do they look inconsistent and stuff like that you know do you rely on coffee to keep you going yeah under percent yes every single day there’s a schedule too it’s like for three months coffee and then two week break so that it works again I drink probably like one company have you ever successfully diagnosed yourself with something no but I have successfully misdiagnosed myself with a bunch of things not yet unless like anxiety caps I like threw all my back when I was lifting how did you know you wanted to be a doctor / go into the health field that’s a hard one as a med school interview I know right my dad’s a scientist and my mom is an engineer and I was really bad at computers as a kid so I was like maybe I’ll go be a scientist and then I got really interested in like you know well outside of science you know medicine is a very science heavy field and as I explored that in college kind of found my way there to me what I like about it is it’s like a puzzle like you have a patient come in and you have this like very limited amount of information into your job to kind of pull out what you need to so I’ve always been really interested in that I think for me I was sick a lot as a kid and I really wanted to be someone that can help someone else in that situation I wasn’t really sure until probably high school and I wasn’t like this at this magnet school we had a health science program during our third year we would go to the hospital I’m like shadow doctors and things like that and I thought it was really cool what was your least favorite part of Medical School step one step one also that step one is is the first in a series of exams that we get to take because I like of our licensure as doctors it’s the basic science one where take ask you all these questions about how disease processes work things like that and the beauty of it it they can ask you anything and say you study everything just memorizing random stuff that feels super irrelevant what is actually super gratifying as I’m going into the hospital and shadowing or doing rotations or whatever that kind of like puts it back into perspective craziest / grossest cadavers story we have a half of a head and it’s plastinated but you can see every part of it like the nose hairs the eyelashes every single part of the space and my professor will just hold it up to his face just to show you where it’s supposed to be as it is I so it just grosses me out when I work you like grabs it with his bare hands and just like this is a face there’s one day where they had us do a fresh tissue a fresh body like procedure not a procedure but just studying a fresh body so there was no like preserving fluid or anything and a lot of the smells were or the bonafide smells they weren’t sated with and they warned us yeah they even gave us like Vaseline to put on her upper lip so that we could block out the smell and everything the short of it is we had a guy say what kind of doctor do you want to be and why I want to be a cancer doctor so I’m extremely interested in helping patients with cancer just because I’ve had a lot of cancer death in my family I had to choose right now probably a psychiatrist I feel like I’m more open like I think that a lot of people go into med school thinking that they know what kind of doctor they want to be but there’s also a lot of people were going like thinking they know it and then later on change their mind so I’m pretty open to different kind of fields I think I want to go into internal medicine which is basically just adult people doctor does it get annoying when your friends or family ask for medical advice nobody really asked me for medical advice yes because I don’t know a lot of things so I end up googling a ton of things it’s funny because whenever people ask me no matter how private or gross it might be it’s like in all the boundaries of friendship or fun when people ask me about medical problems what is something you wish you knew before you started med school I kind of wish I knew how much time I was gonna spend studying I guess I didn’t think too much about that find the balance early otherwise it’s gonna get too crazy too fast what’s the hardest part of the med school I think staying motivated yeah that’s true staying on track with the study schedule finding a plan and a routine that works for you and like sticking to it step 1 yes that was step 1 is it true that a lot of med students experiment with drugs and caffeine all the time caffeine yeah I wouldn’t say experiment have you ever tried to diagnose friends or family yeah yes what is something you’ve learned in med school that you weren’t expecting to I think it’s the doctoring class that we were talking about like I didn’t know that you have to learn how to talk like a doctor we started doing clinical skills practice and like learning how to talk to patients and take history is really early on like in our first two weeks in medical school so that was I wasn’t expecting that but I’m super grateful well it keeps you motivated when school gets really hard I talked to my mom every day she really grounds me I’m super close to my mom I think being in the hospital and seeing patients kind of helps balance that for me because it’s so easy to get to not’ve ated when you’re like I have all this crap to learn I don’t care anymore I’m tired I just want sleep but then remembering like oh wait the thing that I learned right now will help me take care of a patient better and faster I just think about how like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel it might be like a lot of pressure right now but ultimately you know you’ll get through it and at the end of the day they’re like a brighter day oh they’re just looking forward to the goal do you practice a lot of techniques and learnings on each other like taking blood I thought it was gonna fail out of med school because in the in the first like two months of medical so the first you need to do is draw each other’s blood and I’m so scared of meals I know I know I’m trying to be a doctor but I’m scared of needles I think was a lot of good stories wrong when I was doing it with my friend and and she did it on me first and I’ve got huge veins so it’s like it’s pretty easy you stick it in there it’s fine and then it was my turn to do it her and I like I missed the vein and I like oh my god I feel like a lot of times in medical school you feel like I don’t even know how I got chosen to be here I feel like they gave the wrong person the acceptance letter or something like that you have this like what is it like imposter imposter syndrome is that you Doug they’re like you’re gonna have impostor syndrome but it’s gonna be okay but everyone has it everyone feels this and all I can say is if you got into medical school like you can do it like they they already know that you can do it [Music]

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  1. Most of things that they said is so relateable even tho they’re from a different country from mine. Shows that being a medschool student no matter where you’re from, the challenges are mostly the same.

    *n.b for those who wants to become a doctor pls really consider your choice when you want to be a doctor or enter medical field, the journey is REALLY hard :’)

  2. This made me feel sooooo much better. I started a phlebotomy class today and felt myself getting all nervous/faint but the fact the girl almost thought she was gonna fail med school because she’s scared of needles truly gives me hope. I have a lot of schooling to do but still. Thank you.

  3. If I were a patient I would just stay in the hospital if David is going to be my doctor
    He is so easy on the eyes. 😍

  4. My dad was my practice patient a few days before my Step2CS exam. This exam is a clinical skills assessment where you see a number of standardized patients over a day and are graded on it. Anyway, I listened to his heart and heard an irregular, abnormally rapid heartbeat. I ended up telling him to go to the cardiologist because I was pretty sure he had something called Atrial Fibrillation and needed to get treatment. I ended up being correct, and he thankfully is getting treatment for it.

    Being in medical school is amazing but definitely hits home if you end up finding something wrong in a friend or family member.

  5. I need to find out a way to contact the girl with the floral print shirt. I am pursuing medical school and I’ve NEVER heard anyone every say they too are afraid of needles. I’m taking therapy and would love to speak with her. Please help me!!

  6. I was just accepted to the firdt year of dental medicine and after this video I can’t wait to start my first semester 🙂

  7. I decided I wanted to be a doctor (instead of a theatre major) right at the end of my senior year of high school because I watched a lot of Violin MD's vlogs. I know that sounds like a very rash decision but to be fair I've always really liked science since I was little and I even played surgery simulators that were for high school students when I was 7 so I'm sure I can stick to this lol

  8. I’ve literally wanted to be a doctor since I was little, I get straight As and love biology and everything but for some reason I don’t feel like I can do it 😩 I feel like I’ll diagnose everything wrong and won’t be able to draw blood or do anything

  9. Most of my family are doctors. I had a natural talent for pathology, forensics, histology. I hated PEDIATRICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Alright who the hell compares WebMD to Uptodate to check consistency?! Sorry buddy but you're going to have to ditch that asap for your own benefit

  11. Wow I want David to be my doctor and best friend. I just wanna talk with him. 🤣 so pleasant my goodness. Lovely voice.

  12. I want to be a doctor. Well a surgeon, I’m 15 but since I young I had a burning passion for science especially biology and I grew as I got to high school. When I was twelve I wanted to be other things like an actor or entrepreneur so I can make money but now I just love science and biology and I am 100% making it my career. The catalyst for me wanting to become a surgeon was when I was assigned to dissect a lambs heart my class mates hated it but I loved it. Whenever I looked at surgical procedures on YouTube or when I would read my moms medical school text books I would always get this fluttery feeling like it’s Christmas morning idk anyone feel the same way??

  13. These guys seem a lot more upbeat than the med students in my own country…then again, we get weekly "you're all going to kill your patients because you don't know xyz" talks and then some more hazing on top

  14. my bro asks me medical advice even tho im a nurse, like… i dont know what you have and stop asking me what it means to poop blood! Like go to the Dr! O.o

  15. I am in my freshman year in med school and it's crazy!!! 😅 I mean I also was shocked that I have to learn how to talk to the patient and when breaking a bad news at which angle I have to place the seat and all plus even the posture of my hands!! Like I am not a robot or something
    The short hair girl was right, it's so hard to keep yourself motivated cause study load keeps on coming like a flood if I didn't had amazingly crazy friends in that place I would have probably dropped out of the med school by now
    But it's not that bad, the clinical side is really amazing, I know about that cadaver head thing, it way too weird and gross but it's also the exciting at the same time😍 So Med school is like that, it's the hardest but still the best part of life, and I wish to become a doctor who could really help others
    Wish me luck 😀

  16. That drawing blood thing 😂 when it was our first week in med school, in the physiology lab the demo said to draw each others blood, and we were all like WTH are you crazy, how can we do THAT! ( yeah well I know I am in medical school but be honest who isn't afraid of needles! 😅) and the girl that drew my blood, she punctured my vessel so many times it left large purple BRUISES! 😖 and at that moment I was like I am here so that one day I can help the patients but before that I think I'll become one😅😂

  17. I’m interested in medicine now, but my degree is in forensic anthropology so I deal with advanced state of decay human remains. The cadaver stories at least make me feel like I will have no problems with them at all. I’ve seen and smelled some stuff man.

  18. Genuinely asking, if you get into med school how much time in a day is it possible to spare for yourself

  19. i loved this video!! as a senior in hs theres sm talk abt ur future and honestly it can be pretty exhausting or demotivating at times :/ but this video made it seem much more possible and it reminded me of why i rlly want to go into medicine 😊

  20. hahaha i just read the thumbnail and was hooked i can definitely list a ton of things that arent my favorite things about medical school LOL

  21. Wait bc I think me and Kaleab went/go to the same highschool bc my school is a magnet school and we have a program where we could shadow doctors/surgeons/nurses hmmm

  22. Am I the only medical student that tried to avoid this video, I hate being reminded about the schol work I need to do 24/7 LOL

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