Medical School – Sepsis in 5 Minutes UPDATED

hey this is doctor kate my medical
school today we’re given update concepts is talk about its definition it’s
diagnosis as well as a management sepsis so what do sets as well such as it is a
very profound inflammatory response twin underlying infection it leads to significant v so dilation so
your vessels dilate meaning to drop in blood pressure
also because of inflammatory response yoga pro-clinton stated in develops
micro and a lot that affect profusion of your organs now we’re talking about sets as we
always have to mention serves serves as the systemic inflammatory response syndrome heat you quite year to meet servers and description include temperature less
than ninety six point to the hypothermic or greater than three point four roster rate then twenty or a p_c_ to less than thirty two a white count less than four thousand or greater than twelve thousand you may also see aid being demian
meaning greater than ten percent dancer immature neutral fills and finally a heartbreaker the ninety
beats per minute so your service helps identify and underlying infection and plays a
role the definition of sepsis so let’s have our definitions star start
off with sets scl sepsis if you need to service criteria plus the presumed known sources servers
pas presume known sources such as the patients having this year european
with urination you can see you too yeah i at the
ministers preaching collect sepsis severe sepsis is a sexist picture uh… product they also have organ hype a profusion so they could
have sepsis and he knows their kidney
function is decreased at albany creat or having trouble breathing that severe
sepsis now septic shock is sexes but now that shock is refractor two fluids are you getting tons of food
bowls is the blood pressure is not coming up
enemy texas criteria that septic shock it support you know
these because you will be pinned down these definitions now the treatments at his number one
early recognition number two antibiotics and number three fluid resuscitation
really important finally source from whatever is causing
infection you removed from body or treat now how do we recognize that is really
what history of physical at the answer and every question in medicine do a
thorough history and physical when they get sick uh… any new exposures to handicap
thursday thing like that look at the vials are at the do they have hypertension i
detect a kartik uh… unique search criteria get elected to lactate measures your and
organ perfusion as will central venous option nation as
cv you too or two markers for an organ perfusion but what help you identify a patient who
is septic father is a new marker called pro
calcitonin they were getting now eight is
correlated with any significant bacteremia civic because of bacteremia the protest tom will be high indicate
they have a high probability developing sepsis so it’s a new mark or wheezing down the
hospital something to think about when you’re working at her patients who you believe have sepsis injured and about x makes you could step
anna maddox everyday late one outward decreases survival by eight percent to michigan appropriate animatic start
why star broad he did not know the source and in the role based on the culture data each of the
food resuscitation your real goals and full resuscitation of the for six hours
or one he cbp from eight to twelve usually use crystallites button patients
you can some patients please call though it did not have a lot of the union on
board use normal saline or lack tutoring to
map in sixty five and finally you perceive you to grade
seventy percent at your central venous action saturation
these three factors had been shown to improve survival to increase your sense
of peace action saturation one tool you can use use nitrous using r_t_c_’s to increase your option carrying
capacity now they suppresses if your unable to she’d adequate tissue
perfusion with food recess situation star presses so surviving sepsis campaigned
recommended that really start with no weapon afrin and work your way up to act in africa
day suppressant but really there is no benefit to one of
these over the other one thing you may want to know is that
that’ll afrin is preferred if northern afrin is
causing packer witness now what do you do you enforce esteem great in six hours
your out your window what you were be aware of too much fluid
so they did a study that contributed to that too much fluids and in septic inbred sepsis compared to
those who just got the right man fluids and photo over what is going to poor
outcome so watch your patients action nations that is get
translators to shut down comedy maggie can you give us not be
able to pull that flowed into intravascular space i would really diary sees patients in
the peace first you couple hours they are infected pensions accord with steroids well does
the court of this trial but then it does show galindo benefiting twenty-day mortality
in terms of giving cortical steroids but surviving sepsis campaign show that those with some baseline adrenal
insufficiency responded well to steroids but surviving sepsis campaign says if with the press is not working dentist
in the chest and stare at you not need to check today uh… a c_t_ stimulation test to see if
it ain’t attitude insufficiency september third line go to drug in terms
of glucose is with as my sugar trial said you want to keep your sugars less
than one hundred eighty sure glucose controls actually associate with hypoglycaemia and worse outcomes so now this brings us to use agresti
activated protein c well it’s something we don’t use any more obs with withdrawn from the markets of
ever comes up do not use agassi does not improve morbidity mortality and it does
increase your risk of bleeding now let’s say you’re tryna trigger
patients who still persists really sick they’re not getting better where other things to think about the
you can do one always consider changing her
antibiotics or add double covered for pseudomonas think about what other sources could be
infected they could be affected his patient to
review assistance to the had back pain could they have richie rosty my life
that’s contributing to septic picture do they have the joint
replacement of those infected to really try to keep your car broad
picture what’s going on and try really don’t they don’t buy this
source when your patient is precisely sick and
definitely not getting back always hillier antibiotics to your
corporate data it’s will decrease not a food your
patient gets also will decrease exposure to come back well if you like this video which you
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25 thoughts on “Medical School – Sepsis in 5 Minutes UPDATED

  1. Was just wondering if you guys could make some videos explaining more about the GI area on palpations what to feel for what it should feel like trills tuff like that and what souls be heard when auscultating ! And what souls and sound not be felt ! Like want masses would feel like if there was any ! Thanks

  2. Very nice quick review. Learned something new about the steroids being a third option after fluids and pressors. I wondered why I haven't seen Xigris anymore. Withdrawn.

  3. This updated version has significant updates compared to the older version (which has an annotation link to this vid) Anyone 'hearing' not 'watching' the original upload may not 'see' there is newer, much more accurate information available. 

  4. Thanks, I really like the concise, to the point, explanation of levels of sepsis. Don't want to be nit picky, but phenylephrine is misspelled at 4:28–4:37. Plan on sharing this video with my nursing students.

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  6. Thank You so Much!
    Mother passed away Nov 2017 from Sepsis, and I was so LOST, answered my questions thoroughly!

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