Medical School Campus Tour – Phoenix

Daniel Crawford, MS2: The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix is located next to so many great clinical sites. These sites include Banner Good Sam,
St. Joe’s,… …the VA, Phoenix Children’s, and the County Hospital of Maricopa. Just down the street we have the Arizona
center. Where we have restaurants, coffee shops, and a movie theater. And if you like professional sports,… …the Diamondbacks and Suns play just down the street. We may not have a traditional size campus,… ….but the entire downtown area is our
campus. Julia Bedard, MS3: I live down right the street, and they’re multiple apartment complexes within walking distance. Most of our classmates live within four
blocks of the school. I really like that the majority of people that come teach our classes are practicing physicians. It allows us to have great connections and opens the door for research opportunities and shadowing Our library is great; there’s single
person study rooms, which I really like. They’re secluded and private and you can really focus in those; and then there’s also bigger rooms for about four people; and then there’s even bigger rooms for eight people, which you can get a group together… …if you want to review things, and those are awesome. The faculty here at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix are really great. They’re always available and they really want to help you excel. We have learning specialist who are here
for you, and they’re assigned to each student and they’re able to actually… …help you out with exams and you can meet with them and you’re able to figure out what learning style works for you. So if you want to try something new or
you’re not really sure if you’re doing the right thing,… …they’re always there for you. But what’s really unique here is that we have clinicians who are part of our faculty. At the end of that lecture, you’re able
to just go up and talk to that clinician…. …and ask if you can do research with
them. (Internal conversation) Jeff Kim, MS3: Our campuses state-of-the-art. We have a fantastic gross anatomy lab, as well as… …a simulation center that is integrated
with each block. Recently, we’ve had some cases in here
where we’re able to monitor the simulation… …patients real-time and track any changes they have to therapy. Julia Bedard, MS3: I love my class; it’s a wonderful group of people. It’s still small, and we’re still all
pretty close. We study together; we hang out together… …um, during school, but we also do a lot
of stuff outside school together. We form the best kind of bonds bonds. Alyssa Thomas, MS2: Volunteering here is actually really easy. We have the Wesley Community Clinic,… …and it’s for the underserved. I had the greatest opportunity of volunteering there as a first-year medical student. It is a great learning experience,
because many medical schools… …you don’t really get to see patients in your first couple of years. However, here… …I was able to go and see a patient by
myself as a first-year medical student. You go in there, you get to talk to the
patient, ask questions,… …you get to do an exam and then
present to an attending (physician); and it’s a wonderful… …experience because not only are you
learning, but you’re also giving back to the community. Here we have some amazing lab opportunities with various research buildings located on campus; which allows you to develop your own
direction of interest to pursue. The University of Arizona College of
Medicine Phoenix is preparing students… …to be physicians for tomorrow with
groundbreaking technology without boundaries. Multiple students: The University of
Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix… …we are in the heart of downtown Phoenix.

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