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  1. Okay I’ve don’t decent enough to get into a big school for my undergrad with 0 stress or hard work. Hopefully over the course of my undergrad i develop a hard working attitude lol

  2. I hope to become a Doctor with God's help and I am watching this video to get ready for everything that I would face 👍❤️

  3. Why the heck is it eight years of pre-med and med school then 3 – 7 years of residency to be a doctor. in Australia it’s 5 years then 1-2 years of residency(direct entry)

  4. Did you find that it was easier to make friends in Med School than during your undergrad?

    Sincerely, a severely-introverted matriculant.

  5. "the sense of accomplishment you feel for completing the most rigorous professional degree in the world"
    How does everyone feel with this comment made by Dr Jubbal? Personally, this idea excites me

  6. only in 9th grade but i’m soooo excited for college and med school!!😁😁 but until then greys anatomy for the 2nd time will do 😂

  7. I'm in highschool, but my dream is to become a neonatal surgeon. These video get me very excited.

  8. I wish you also acknowledged that there is a DO degree with COMLEX 1/2 board exams..but it’s okay lol. Great video! I just matched orthopedic surgery and will be graduating next month 😊

  9. Thanks, for sharing this interesting video with us. Amazing video, this is video is dedicated to medical students, who want to enter medical college or university.

  10. So is medical school college? I’m confused 😅
    I just got accepted to start my ADN. So is going for my BSN medical school?

  11. I'm entering a Pre-med program this fall and this makes me so excited to meet my goals of becoming a surgeon–my ultimate goal from the time I was four years old!

  12. I qualified in medicine in the UK decades ago. I suspect that what makes US medical students feel so stressed is the very slow start they get at school and college: graduation from a US high school at 18 (without advanced placement exams) is only at the level of what British, French or German students do at 16, but in those countries university entrance takes a further two years work for e.g. A levels, Baccalaureat or Abitur. American students then have four years of college, the first two years of which (including the pre-medical courses) are at school-level for the rest of the world. I also get the impression from the Chronicle of Higher Education website that they are spoon-fed much more than students elsewhere – they are not left alone to sink or swim – so it takes them much longer to develop the independent study skills they would need at medical or law school.

    Having the same national examinations for medical students throughout the USA is a good development as it gets over the petty snobbery of some schools being better than others (rather than some instructors … ) but it must make it difficult to innovate if the national examining board has to be persuaded. to change things for everyone at the same time. England has been talking about doing that for more than 200 years, but so far vested interests have got in the way.

  13. … is it problem that i was trying to figure out what med school i want to go to when i was in 3rd grade

    im a "little" ambitious oopsie🤷

  14. Is it possible to open the envelope and find out that you haven't matched to any residency? Or are you guaranteed into one of the programs that you've applied to

  15. Wow. I didn’t know US med school system was so different, interesting video. Here in Perú, we do 03 years of university based lectures -> 03 years of clinical practice -> 01 year of internship = 07 years before leaving mes school and getting a MD. After that, we spend 01 year working on rural communities. An finally we apply for residency, which can take 03-05 years depending on the specialty.

  16. Next year I'll be taking the college entry exams…I have a long journey ahead of me but when I think of why I wanted to be a doctor in the first place, it helps me push through. I'm gonna work so hard to get there. 🙌🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  17. I am still in high school studying to become a neurosurgeon one day. I am doing my best to prepare myself for the life long responsibility I will have in the future.

  18. And in the end, you become a pharmaceutical salesman with no actual knowledge of what causes chronic illness, or how to reverse it. 12 hours of nutrition training, making you a fraud in a white coat

  19. I'm surprised that the basic structure of medical school education is essentially the same as when I attended school, 1988-1992; I suppose the most striking change is the substance of the USMLE. It was called "The Boards" (NBME, ot National Board of Medical Examiners) Part I lasted 2 days and had nearly 1000 questions. I HATED MY THIRD YEAR; no one explained to me that at some point in school, you have to be able to APPLY what is learned in the first 2 years to actually taking care of patients. And remember, while you are evaluated by residents and attendings during the clinical rotations, YOU EVALUATE THEM TOO. I can pretty much guarantee there will be at least one abusive resident, only detracting from your education with endless scutwork. It is important to identify these persons; you will contribute to THEIR education too. GOOD LUCK!

  20. I work at a teaching hospital. The first two years of medical school are probably pretty easy for those that are "book smart" and have limited interactions with patients and medical services during those years. Year three and four though separate "the wheat from the chaff" so to speak in that those are the years where students shine who can put large amounts of data they are given into relevant analysis of what the treatment goals are, why they are important, and how they can be measured and reassessed. Thanks for the video.

  21. In my country it is 6 years of medical university but there is no premed,applicants are selected mainly based upon their highschool "matura" exams,which med applicants also have to take in biology and physics or chemistry,both at a higher level.Also here the first two years of medical uni are considered the most difficult and it is often said that if you don't drop out in the first two years you already have your MD lol

  22. I really want to become a nurse but I feel like I won't be able to handle the stress/ I'm won't be good enough and I'll never reach my goal

  23. I’m still in middle school, yet I’m finding the most information I can about my future years in medical school. I’m excited and stressed out, yet my college years are far beyond what I’m at right now haha. Anyone else want to become/are a forensic pathologist? 🤔

  24. In my country to become a doctor there is no medical school we have university for 6 years and residency from 3 to 6 years

  25. 4 years of medical school? Is it the 4 years of getting bachelor’s degree in college? Or we have to pass 4 years in college in order to get into medical school?

  26. Only 4 years
    here in algeria it's from 7 to 8 years without counting residency and civil service and military service

  27. Not sure why I'm watching this since I live in Finland where we go to med school straight from highschool and it lasts 6 years lol

  28. I’m on my last year of med school here at Ontario! Woohoo 🙌🏼 🎉
    If you’re thinking of going to med school, DO IT! I made lots of friends that I think will last a lifetime, it’s a great environment, although sometimes it will feel like it’s beyond your knowledge, but don’t give up just because of that, it’s a rewarding experience as the years go by! And good luck!
    Ain’t no baby OTW going to stop me from achieving my dreams of being a doctor! It was definitely an unplanned pregnancy but my friend who is the father of our child is definitely going to help me through it all hopefully, but I know for sure my sister and family will 😆, I was pregnant at 16, a mother at 17, I still graduated high school, college, and university, so I believe I can still achieve my MD even if I have an infant with me.
    I so can’t wait for next year!

  29. Sir , Please , make a video on How to get a surgical residency in US or UK … I am a second year medical student from India, aspiring to be a surgeon from US or UK !!

  30. Me- omg I’m gonna watch this because I can’t wait for medical school 🙂

    Also me- not gonna get into medical school because I’m watching this at 9pm instead of studying for my biology midterm that’s tomorrow morning

  31. I want to apply as a international student, but I don't know how I can do it …. I just have to select the option of undergraduate?

  32. I’m a pre-med bio major and I can’t wait to find myself through all of this hard work. I’m looking forward to the ob/gyn clinical rotations.

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