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Are you looking for Medical Marijuana in Tampa
Bay? Look no further than The Largo Clinic. With the passage of Amendment 2 in November
2016, patients with debilitating medical conditions now qualify for medical cannabis. Medical Marijuana in Tampa Bay can be used
to treat Glaucoma, control epileptic seizures, treat chronic pain, decrease anxiety, and
much more. Medical marijuana is a natural alternative
to addictive opiates. Although skeptical at first, Dr. Kamajian
is now a believer in the therapeutic possibilities of medical marijuana. Almost all of our patients have demonstrated
significant improvement to their underlying medical conditions or disease processes. We will perform an evaluation and make a recommendation for you
to receive medical marijuana at a certified dispensary. As highly trained professionals, our Largo
Clinic staff is dedicated to providing you with the highest
quality care. Largo clinic specializes in treating acute
medical and surgical problems without forgetting that there is a human-being behind each illness. We are excited to provide Medical Marijuana
to Tampa Bay. Visit for more information
or call us at 866-986- 6376.

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