Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner Faces 10-Years in Prison

areas and does he is convicted of hot
marijuana distribution apparently federal authorities are going after him
because he was operating out of three madison marijuana dispensary is being uh… rancho
cucamonga now after authorities contacted him and told them that he need
to shut down his dispensary is he did shut down two of them however risky kept
one uh… dispensary opened because in california medicinal marijuana is legal
but federal authorities don’t agree with that so they eventually raided his
dispensary he was offered a plea deal but he didn’t
take it out he will serve amanda mom a minimum
of ten years in prison as a result select possible yet to life for for operating something kal that is
completely legal yall forty-a finally the reason i bring this up is because
the obama administration said that they’re going to stay out of the state’s
that they’re going to lake let the states make their all laws that comes to
medicinal marijuana but in there the reality is obon my has been tougher on marijuana
than the bush administration why are you going to talk to the
memories of marijuana use some sugar here every everytime subsidiary legal
doesn’t make any sense at some point we need to national laws i
think by legalizing it we alamag of public it is again the realtors have out
you guys turn to see what you can buy a gallon of vodka and awful down the
entire thing but you can’t smoke a joint doesn’t make any sense the fact that um… they’re saying did so under
federal law marijuana has no medicinal use that’s not up to your opinion their
scientific studies you could read them and i have filled the probably have
um… they had the ta or they too have referred it was what was the recently
said that uh… choosing ask is there any difference interns that there was a
dusty between heroin and marijuana both the schedule one drugs and she said that
she couldn’t speak to that they near eighty eight he shouldn’t be
in the government a recession i had a very high tech and opal of level i doesn’t make any sense it needs to be
resolved and i think i feel bad that until we get a
result people are going to be clinton often has a life sentence that
and send us he’s life will be destroyed because he will be in prison for ten
years minimum of ten species like a champ though he hates quotes yahoo basically says if
the jury finds him guilty of vital violating federal law then i’ll go do to
time basically he says it is getting up to
the tenth amendment and he feels that aristide should have
the ability to come up with their own drug laws i think that the federal
government should come up with drug laws that make sense and in this case
marijuana should be legalized i think it’s such a no-brainer at this point and it’s incredible to me that this
continues to happen seven states right now in the u_s_ are pushing to make medicinal marijuana
legal and i believe there about seventeen states that are to have done
that including how washington d_c_ so one federal government let’s go what do
you wasting your time with this for just some areas where if you’re outside of
america it may be hard to understand were coming from but they’re difficult things that we as a steel with being illegal like i think
that we will will breathe a little bit easier and live a
little bit easier when two women can get married
mimeole passage way back and forth to each other but both of those things are
no brainer thing or for anyone just let them do it

100 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner Faces 10-Years in Prison

  1. I live in British Columbia Canada, Marijuana CAPITOL of the word. And its practically legal here. i smoke weed everyday as does the rest of my people. <3 GO CANADA

  2. You also don't die if you never see the sun. Should government be allowed imprison people for no reason? Oh wait, they already do that. But being in prison doesn't kill you, so I guess it's okay in your opinion.

  3. And again you are wrong, because you have a fundamental right to be free. I suggest you read the human rights treaty. You are over dramatizing this, stop acting like marihuana is the same as a human life.

  4. For less than $20 I can buy enough alcohol that would surely kill me if ingested. As far as medical science understands, I can not find enough marijuana realistically to ever kill myself.

    So, it's completely legal to intoxicate myself to the point of death, however it is illegal to even posses a rather innocuous plant. Seems to me that there is a severe disconnect with reality there.

  5. jail for the next 10 years……for providing people with something which they want and is something which we can simply stumble across in nature. fuck our government!

  6. Freedom is also a fundamental right. If you can't put what you want in your own body, you aren't free. That's not an over-dramatization at all.

  7. Are you blind? i told you like 10 times that i do not agree with the anti drugs policy of america. But you are acting like it is so suprising and weird he gets picked up for distributing drugs because the law says so. If you dont like the law vote for a other candidate.

  8. Not agreeing with it is different than seeing it as a violation of fundamental rights. But yeah, apparently we're not so different in our views. Let's stop arguing and use our time to actually try and make a difference.

  9. No, I'm just tired of your logic. The right to use drugs is a fundamental right for personal autonomy, & especially regarding cannabis, but you disagree & that's the end of it.

  10. The supremacy clause of the US Constitution says Ana is wrong here…marijuana is NOT completely legal in CA. It is illegal everywhere in the US, period. I don't agree with the current law, but it is irresponsible to TYT's (now 400k +) subscribers to present this story saying that Mr Sandusky was doing something that was completely legal.

  11. Illegal or legal I will always smoke marijuana, helps with my tumor, and i can work more focused on it doing coding.

  12. …and how jews were burned and millions killed in war and more people in prison than any other country and an endless war on freedom and….

  13. G3 was my dispensary. I've met Sandusky a few times and attended another hearing at the Upland courthouse. His shop was a model for the others.

  14. In addition to being the last state w/ no concealed carry laws, Illinois is tormenting at least one arthritic old lady over mail-order pot. Illinois is awfully high-minded for a state that's sent four governors to prison over the last forty years. That's twice as many jailed chief execs as World Series wins and Super Bowl titles combined in case you're keeping score.

  15. This kind of story is why I voted for Gary Johnson. This, and the fact that Marc Emery is still rotting in a jail cell for selling – seeds. Seeds. Not weed. Seeds. 5 Years in a federal prison, because Obama seems unable to be genuinely for 'the people'.

    Romney at least is obviously a fucking douchebag. Obama is a closet douchebag. I'd rather have the third party douchebag who wants to end the drug war.

  16. LOL THAT MAN ON SET BRAVO PERFECTLY SAID….But that woman NEEDS TO stop it OBAMA during an election year did not send no one down to no RANCHO CUCAMANGO(NEVER HAD SPELL RANCHO C?), He's the president he doesnt deal with that

  17. The Jewish Faith supports his freedom, cannabis is a healing herb, he is a healer, Hashem is with you

  18. I like weed, BUT Don't kid ourselves guys. It CAN cause cancer. BUT the reason it does not is because people don't smoke weed by the pack like people who smoke cigerettess do.

  19. NO they dont, but weed deposits more tar and cancer causing agents then tobacco and yet there has not been one recorded case of caner coming from marijuana

  20. True any type of smoke can lead to cancer. But marijuana smoke is different, it doesn't cause cancer, studies haven't been able to find any correlation between them

  21. yes, the actual marijuana, i know that. i'm talking the smoke. it's not the marijuana that causes it, it's the smoke. it doesn't matter what the smoke is made of.

  22. wow, this is like the healing pills from quest for glory five, its okay, the red and blue magnets are for unity, they are not fighting, its just a meditation, i.e. creation coming from destruction and destruction from creation, it is healing, i think we must use wisdom and respect with the plant but if we are really sincere and take only what we need, we do not have to worry, we'll be okay! who could just us harshly just for raising a places vibration?

  23. these are some of the worst stories with cannabis, but remember there are many great ones, lets send good intent to the ones who are in the most need, as we would ourselves, this is one of the things cannabis makes you more aware of, it really detoxifies spirituality if used with that intent it can heal you spiritually and keep your aura sacred, it just shows the nicest path and spiritual way of doing things beyond the ways the more orthodox world has divided it, it makes connections and heals


  25. 10 years fucking 10 years? For something legal in that state wtf I mean there's fucking child molesters getting away with less time in jail but 10 years for a plant is ridiculously stupid to me and when it comes to government studies they can shove them
    Up their ass because who are you to tell someone that marijuana has no medical use if they are well aware of its affects

  26. I know when im high and drive, i can drive. but when im drunk and drive cant drive. lol i dont think ive never seen/heard of a accident while someone was high. but ive heard about when they were drunk i was in one actually not my car my friend thought he could drive but i guess he couldnt ol but my other friend that i go with to get high can drive, he even pays more attention cuz it looks great seen all those lights LOL but yeah thats what i have to say

  27. fuck the government fuckin bastards you cant beat the fact that over 50 percent americans want weed legal and you cant criminalize 30-50mio recreational smokers you government CRIMINALS

  28. Please help Aaron Sandusky and sign an online petition to The White House to grant a full pardon and release him from prison. You can view and sign the petition on Search petitions and then search Aaron Sandusky. It takes 5 minutes to sign it. He needs our help! Please sign and share with others

    Pardon Aaron Sandusky(Case# CR12-00548 PA) A man currently in prison facing 10 yrs to life for growing medical marijuana.

  29. The White House website is Search We The People, click page and then search Aaron Sandusky for his petition. I cant post a direct link to the petition here but it is not hard to find. Please sign and share with family and friends for help meeting the minimum 25,000 signatures needed by Jan. 16th… Thank you!

  30. This is so wrong. How you can you let human beings suffer. They have taken pain medications away from people who need it to have some kind of quality of life. Marijuana is not near as dangerous as alcohol and it can help people who suffer from chronic pain every day. I bet if they had to watch a loved one suffer everyday they would feel differently about it. It is just beyond me how stupid some are. This is OUR country and we need to rally together to fix this. God Bless America.

  31. I am from Rancho Cucamonga. I went to Aaron's clinic when it first opened in 2009, the clinic was The Most professional clinic in Southern California. Before g3 holistics, pot clinics were dark single room businesses ran by stoner teenagers, g3 made clinics more like doctors offices, they had a nice waiting room that was well lit and had several bud tenders that were older and knew what they were doing. Aaron is a great man, he would greet me by name every time I walked in. Set him free

  32. Many clinics changed their format completely after g3 opened. G3 was the greatest thing to happen to medical marijuana clinics in SoCal. Also you guys should do a story on how Aaron Sandusky was forced to pay the mayor of upland $20000 in order for him to keep his clinic, then when the mayor tried to force another 20k out of Aaron, that's when the Feds got involved. Please this is a huge story on corruption, please do it.

  33. Plus you could do a story on how Aaron was forced to bribe the mayor, and how the other businesses bribing the mayor are all right next to where g3 used to be. G3 used to be right above a tattoo parlor and right next to a massage parlor called Brazilian Mystique, well Brazilian mystique is the brothel that all of the cops in upland visit. There were several times that I went to g3 and there were women standing outside the brothel with signs saying "I got herpes because of this brothel."

  34. You can find Brazilian mystique on some of the massage parlor with happy endings review sites. They were running a brothel right next to a pot clinic and the cops shut down the pot clinic because they weren't bribing the mayor like the brothel was. This is a huge story I hope you guys cover it. I think I can even find some interview videos with Aaron about his bribery.

  35. I swear I hope the government realizes how much respect and love it loses for being so ignorant.
    I might never be patriotic again

  36. fuck the dam crooked government you know the cops took half of that money some took 1/3 of those drugs especially in california their nothing but crooked mudafuckers ! fuck the system the only reasonable system is legalization of mdical marijuana for medical uses only fuck pills they gave a kid who had brain cancer thc oil now he is cure fuck the cops !!!!

  37. what am i talking about weed isnt a DRUG is a plant is better than alcohol which you get stupid drunk to not care if you hit someone on the street with your car or grow balls to do harm heroin makes you a godam walking warning sign cocaine gets u like a dam twick that is losing so much weight marijuana come on it makes you eat it makes you happy everything is better with medical marijuana it doesnt harm anybody as much as alcohol heroin cocaine and other drugs that have chemicals do to people

  38. by the time you smoke a joint you will be to relaxed to do harm to do any violence because all you want to do is educate yourself more on this beautiful plant and it relieves stress depression etc…i think the government is stupid for making a law that doesn't make sense mayb you think if its legalized it will get in the hands of kids well its going to anyhow i think the cops who raided the dispensary should b investigated just to be clear since there are crooked cops out there LEGALIZE IT !

  39. Fools! The devil's lettuce has taken many lives and destroyed others! Stop injecting marijuanas! Keep Pot Illegal!

  40. The law gets away with it because we let them. Yes, this IS bullshit. Two things: this guy's the real deal for not accepting a plea bargain; Obama has proven time and time again he's a liar, of course he lied about pot regulation, he's a pussy-ass nigga like the rest of Congress, they work for us, not in reverse, it's time to step up or kneel down. 2013 and Americans still get treated like property, wtf.

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  42. fuck obama
    fuck the government
    fuck the fbi
    this is why i am moving out of america its extremely hypocritical

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  44. My name is Sam and I think weed should be legal in all 50 states an here's y because y make alchole and cigarettes legal when there the problems that's just what I think:-(!!!

  45. Fuck the government…. People doing way worse shit In this world like killing people and raping them and they're being set free… And they arrest a guy that owns a dispensary for MEDICAL marijuana ..? Cmon now

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  52. not the first time i heard this story, shit is ridiculous and the lawmakers should be ashamed of themselves. make me sick to my stomach the US needs to Legalize in all the states

  53. Yeah ! He should have gotten longer ! Like life in prison ! 
    Yeah How could anyone want to be a drug a dealer !
    Are you kidding me , wasting his time ! 
    You are some really sick people and you call your self a reporter ! 
    There is no proof the "medical weed " works on anything. He made the choice to be a drug dealer ! He should be shot ! The Government made the right choice ! You people have no idea what are you talking about ! 

  54. The drug thing if it's legal in the state the Feds need to stop fucking with people. They are pussies to. The gay thing is just fucking disgusting

  55. May be legal by state but still illegal by federal law. The feds can bust every single person that has bought it or is currently growing it.

  56. TYT you guys should go back and look into this story. The Mayor of Upland at the time was trying to strong arm Aaron by charging him insane amounts of money under the table in order to stay open. When Aaron had enough he refused to pay which is why he was raised. The mayor was mad his mafia tactics were no longer working so he called the feds. In turn the feds got wind of the crap the mayor was doing and raised city hall resulting in the mayor going to prison right along with Aaron. A total messed up situation all the way around. Aaron should not be in prison!!

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