Medical Laboratory Technician

[ Music ] My name is Hence Chu. I’m the MLT, or medical lab
technician program director. The MLT program is a two-year program
that leads to an associates degree as well as the MLT certification or state licensure. And the students spend four
semesters in the program. We teach hematology, which
is a study of blood cells. We teach clinical chemistry. We teach clinical microbiology,
urinalysis, coagulation. All of these are courses that
are taught in the program. And also they don’t just get the theory or
the concepts, they go on their second year where they’re actually at the clinical sites and
they are doing hands-on practical application of what they learn in the first year. They will be doing a lot of analytical work. They will work with a variety of clients. And our clients are not necessarily patients
because we do not interface with patients. This is indirect patient care. So our clients are physicians,
nurses, pharmacists, or everybody in the healthcare team. So after this program, our students can work
at various diagnostic clinical laboratories, including physicians offices,
hospitals, clinics. They can work in research. They can work in biotechnology,
pharmaceutical companies, forensics. A lot of things, a lot of jobs open
up for them after this program. So it’s sort of a platform for
them to move on to the next step. We have a major workforce
shortage crisis in California. We have a retiring population and
we are not replacing the workforce. All our students eventually, or all our
graduates when they leave they will have a job. [ Music ]

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