Medical Laboratory Science

If you like science, medicine and
technology, and you also like to solve problems and save patients lives, this
will be a good program for you. Medical laboratory science is the part
of healthcare that’s not really seen a lot. It’s behind the scenes. Nobody really
knows who we are. Anything that comes out of your body or
off of your body comes to the lab and we look at it for disease or cancer just to
kind of see what’s going on and help the doctors make a diagnosis. 70% of the
information a doctor needs to actually treat the patient comes from the lab and
medical lab scientists work in that lab, hospitals, clinics, state levels. We’re
learning how to look at your blood so, we’ll draw your blood and put it on a
glass slide so we can look at it and look at your different types of cells.
We’re also learning about how to test for a strep throat and flu or different
things like that and also different kinds of bacterias. Our program is very
unique because it’s the only one in the state of Kentucky that accepts the
students twice a year. In this frame and the fall. Medical lab science is a
really exciting field right now. It’s growing like 14 percent more than any
other of the healthcare field. We’re one of three schools that’s accredited in the
state, so our students are highly sought after. EKU has a lot of connections with
different facilities throughout the state. Hospitals where we do our clinical
rotations. The Kentucky Blood Center. Those connections definitely help us
students get jobs right after we graduate. The big thing that I really
like about this program is that the professor’s really take care of you. They
wants you to succeed and so if you ever have any questions the door is always
open. As a medical lab scientist in Kentucky, the average starting salary
right out of school and is around $50,000. Lab managers and supervisors make more
and even if you don’t go in medical lab science and stay there, it’s
actually a gateway for other medical professions. I wanted to do something
that threw me into the medical field right away. Here my first semester I’m
learning about the diseases. I’m learning about medical conditions.
I just knew is the best choice for me to really reinforce the fact that I wanted
to go into the medical field and that’s what this program has done for me and
the knowledge that I’m learning here I know I’m going to use in medical school.
Honestly I think this program is a hidden gem. It gives you a taste of what
it’s like to work in the health field and, of course, if you want to make a
difference in someone else’s lives, you get opportunity to do that. I mean what
more could you ask for another program. It’s really rewarding to see a patient’s
prognosis get better. Know that you helped monitor that. Not
all heroes do wear a cape; They do wear lab coats. And it’s those unsung heroes
that you don’t see on a daily basis that kind of bring everything together.
Because without them you don’t get a proper diagnosis. Behind science is
curiosity. There’s also level of compassion
involved, you know, this is where you can combine both of those aspects together.

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  1. The behind-the-scenes-heroes of healthcare !!! Biomedical Science is the backbone of medicine, both diagnostically and in a research context! That's why it deserves more attention, and I'm also promoting through my own channel!

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